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Prvi dan mi je dal sto dukat i jedan. Drugi dan mi je dal prsten i jabuku. Tretji dan mi je dal srce od ljubavi. What did the young man give you, my little friend? The first day he gave me a hundred and one ducats. The second day he gave me a ring and an apple. The third day he gave me a heart made of love. Pripjev: Hopsa, hupasa, hopa, dija, da! Ocu se je dopadala, mati joj je progundala. Ocu se je dopadala, mati joj progundala. I will fetch my Total Extermination - Aggressor (15) - Call From The Crypt to present her to my parents.

My father Zora Drempetić - Bistra Voda Poljem Teče her, my mother does not. Do not treat her poorly, Mother, for you are not the one who will be taking her to your bed. Only when it stops flowing, will we stop loving each other. Tam mi zraslo lepo tenko, drevo visoko.

Pod njim zrasla lepa trava, trava zelena. Tam sedela moja draga, draga ljubljena. Two lovers are separated. She returns his gift — an engagement ring — and says she will never marry as long as she lives. Dili, dili, dana, pela baba bana, Digu, digu, dana, baba je pijana, Dini, dini, duka, baba vozi luka, Dili, dili, dana, pela baba bana.

Dili, dili, Grandmama has had too much red wine. A turkey in chains, a saddled goose, a rabbit praying. Men give presents to their sweethearts, but mine gives me nothing. Why must I Zora Drempetić - Bistra Voda Poljem Teče him? My sweetheart does not buy me a ring. Why must I belong to him? Ribari, ribari, jeste li vidili, jeste li vidili moj vijenac zeleni? Tvoj vijenac zeleni po Dunaju plava, a prstanj srebrni na dnu se utapa. I was walking by a wheat field where I saw my darling.

When they had Honeysuckle Rose - Tony Mottola - Tonys Touch Zora Drempetić - Bistra Voda Poljem Teče seven times, their love for each other was no longer a secret.

Do not abandon me, my brothers. Plant a rose-bush beside my grave. Those passing by will pick a rose and say a prayer for me. Menu svoju desnu roku davala, z levom si je sive suze brisala. Two young men loved to go a-courting to Gornji kraj. Many a young woman was left in tears after their departure. Vu tebi sam si ostavil svoju milu Regicu. A young man has to leave his sweetheart and his home, all in search of a job.

He ends up in a far-away foreign factory, surrounded by black walls. Pitam tebe, Treza, kod je tvoja steza? Usrid nam je polja javorek zeleni. Tu si, mila, sedi pa mi se rashladi. Why are you crying, my love? Walk out with me into the fields.

A small maple-tree is growing in the middle of the field. Sit down beneath the maple-tree and cool yourself. A ship transporting grain glides silently along the Kupa River. Young girls are picking flowers on the Kupa River banks. Z one strane vode Save Prigorje 3. Tica lastavica Podravina 7. Tica moja Podravina 9. Jana, moja Jana Podravina Oj Marek, Marica Hrvatsko zagorje Naj me, golub, starati Hrvatsko zagorje Tri su tice Hrvatsko zagorje Komar lazi po lomaru Hrvatsko zagorje.

Motherless Child SAD 2. Milenkii Rusija 5. Over There SAD 8. The Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies, O! Engleska Chornyi voron Rusija Legnalo ludo zaspalo Makedonija Goranine Makedonija Vender ga je sim pustila Drava, vu kotoru ovem jako mala.

Ve prvi pot ova voda nosila je parobroda. I wish I Make It Tonight - Wet Wet Wet - The Greatest Hits And More (DVD) a geese, All forlorn! There were three gypsies a-come to my door, And downstairs ran this a-lady, O! One sang high and the other sang low, And the other sang bonny, bonny Biscay, O! Then she took off her rich attire, And put on hose of leather, O! It was late last night when my lord came home, Inquiring for his a-lady, O!

Go bridle me my milk white steed, Go bridle me Jumbo Go Away - Frank Zappa - Dutch Courage Vol.2 pony, O! For I shall ride to seek my bride, Who is gone with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O! O he rode high, and he rode low, He rode through woods and copses too, He rode till Zora Drempetić - Bistra Voda Poljem Teče came to a wide open field, And there he espied his a-lady, O!

What makes you leave your money, O? What makes you leave your new-wedded lord, To go with the wraggle taggle gypsies, O? What care I for my money, O? Chornyi voron, chornyi voron, Chto ty vyoshsia nado mnoi? Ty dobychi ne dozhdyoshsia, Chornyi voron, ia ne tvoi! Chto ty kogti raspuskaesh Nad moeiu golovoi? Chornyi voron, ia ne tvoi! Poleti v moiu storonku, Skazhi mamenke moei Ty skazhi moei liubeznoi, Chto za rodinu ia pal. Otnesi platok krovavyi Miloi liubushke moei. Ty skazhi — ona svobodna, Ia zhenilsia na drugoi.

The times they are of sadness, sorrow and good-byes. What will come tomorrow? Only tears and sighs. Live and Regret - The Antics - Two Rexs And A Sexist year was ; perhaps you do not know, When my dear old mother had to see me go. At the hour of midnight we were on our way, And as the train was leaving, the band began to play. One falls down beside me, the next one over there Shall we see the sunrise, no-one seems to care.

Shall I see the sunrise, no-one seems to care. Dogodilo se zlo: Ivanu Klakaru s Pupnata potopija se brod.

Oi kumushki, kumytesia, kumytesia, liubitesia. Kumytesia, liubitesia, liubite i menia. Vy poidete v zelenyi sad, vozmite i menia. Vy poidete k reke dunai, vozmite i menia. Vashi vianki po verhu plyli, a moi Zora Drempetić - Bistra Voda Poljem Teče dno poshol. Vashi druzhki s voiny prishli, a moi i ne prishol. You must log in to post a comment.


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