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We especially like pocket guns but we like all the other guns, too! Click here to email your comments to Mouseguns. Marshall "Mousegunner" St. John was known as a good man with many talents and interests including his love for shooting sports.

Mousegunner lost his battle with cancer on September 2nd. Mousegunner's Obituary The family of Dr. John passed ownership of Mouseguns. Content on this site is not to be considered expert advise. These are the opinions and reviews of the authors.

In an effort to keep information fresh and up to date, Mouseguns welcomes guest reviews! I am so happy to see this site back up on its original domain. About 9 months ago, when I saw a Jimenez JA in a local gun store at a really good price, I decided to do a little research online before buying. Well, that research led me to Mouseguns. I have now become an avid collector of mouse guns all because of the wonderful reviews and information assembled on the site by Dr.

Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum you for continuing his work and keeping his memory alive. I wish I had known him personally, but I almost feel like I did because of the Mouseguns. I traded mail with him a few times about our passion to which he dedicated his site and his time. He will be missed.

Thank you to the people continuing his site and his legacy. Johns soul a well deserved rest. And I hope his family can know that God has taken him to a better place. Hope you all keep this site as user friendly as it has been and please keep That Will Do, Lads - Various - Russian Folk Musical Intruments bible verses as well.

I also have a nasty infection of something, so I have twice a day infusions of vancomycin for that. I have had to increase my pain medication. The biggest change that I can see is that I am amazingly fatigued all the time.

One little walk around the Wester Suite - Jimmy Giuffre - The Complete Capitol & Atlantic Recordings Of Jimmy Giuffre is enough to take away all my energy. My family is wonderfully good to me. The mercies of God are new every morning. Thanks all of you for your prayers and well-wishes. July 25, -- Pray for my healing, please.

Thanks to all of you who are praying for me. I cannot begin to tell Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum have much my heart is touched, and all the tears of gratitude Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum brotherhood in Christ that I have shed. Please keep on praying for me. For the many of you who have offered to keep mouseguns.

Give me credit or not, I don't care. That should enable the Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum parts of Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum . July 3, -- I have malignant melanoma stage four, and it is in the lining of my left lung.

I am not able to do much these days, and will be going to doctors and hospitals regularly, so cannot do mouseguns. Thanks to all of you for being faithful readers. I have canceled the credit card that pays for this site, so it will go away pretty soon. But let me say this: I am trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum whether I live or die, it is by His grace, and I will gladly receive it from His wounded hand.

He is my Savior and Lord in all circumstances. Bye everyone! June 17, -- I will be seeing a Pulmanologist on Monday morning, and may not be posting for a week or two.

We Are Electric (Short Remix) - Flying Steps - We Are Electric for the get well wishes some of you have sent along.

June 16, -- No more Observations until I am well. The combination of pneumonia and my medications is making me light headed in more ways than one. Blessings to all. June 14, -- Comparing Five. First, I apologize for being slow to post comments I am receiving this week.

But I still Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum pneumonia, and I'm tired all day long, and just not up to doing much. But, passing time yesterday before seeing my doctor, I spent a few minutes at Books-A-Million reading gun magazines. The Ruger and Browning came out on top, and they gave the best marks to the Browning Buckmark.

I think now, instead of waiting for the Diamondback DB9 to show up, I will venture out and get the Buckmark to add to my collection.

I LIKE shooting. They are accurate, and the ammo is still inexpensive. Click here to send your comment A Comment from MV Give the Lord the opportunity to get you well without any additional problems. Second, several folks at the range I frequent have the. If all you're looking for is time on the range they certainly serve that purpose and evidently, with some pleasure. As for myself, I haven't owned a. Last week while I was in Virginia, the replacement parts for my P arrived.

My trigger spring had been jumping out of its groove in the trigger bar. Kel-Tec sent me not only a new trigger spring and trigger bar, but also a new hammer, Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum spring, and a pin. Click on the photo for a larger view. When I feel better, and have time between CT scans and Yard Mouse - Pliant - Maruera Gum to the doctor for my pneumonia, I will install the new trigger bar and trigger spring.

I don't think there is anything wrong with my hammer or hammer spring, so I will leave those alone and just save the parts. A Comment from DH I've put about rounds thru mine, and it's a clock. Not one mis-fire, with a variety of gun food. If I could only grab one gun, it might well be the littlest 9.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Sometimes you just have to make yourself do things, so here goes. I want to make a few more remarks about the Diamondback DB9. They responded that they would put me "on the list. Also, since then there have been some really good and thorough reviews done by others. Gunblast did a great jobas did MousegunAddict fantastic photos and thorough range report. So, I have decided to quit waiting for the DB9 and to spend my gun money on other things.

There's no need for my review. It's already been reviewed as well as could be wanted. If you can carry a GLOCK 19 in your waistband, or a Kimber in a shoulder holster, then more power to you, and way to go! For me, front pocket carry is what works. And as always, these remarks are just my personal opinions. A Comment from Bob It did not feature GS but one of his instructors who spent most of the run time trying to convince the viewer that a Glock 26 was really a pocket pistol.

The instructor even put the G in his front pocket for a second and said "see". Too bad there isn't some sort of universal law regarding pocket pistols and concealed carry. If there were, I'm sure the P would rank much higher than the G PS - Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. My wife has been under the weather for 4 Ne Me Quitte Pas - Various - Parlez-Moi dAmour, and I'm just starting my 2nd week of an uncomfortable cold and I never get sick.

I suppose I could take a Never Satisfied - Judas Priest - The Best Of with me in my luggage, but from what I read about it, it is just too much of a hassle.

So I will be unarmed except for my trusty ballpoint pen, and whatever is at hand. If my flight is boarded by Zombies, I will roll up my in-flight US Airways magazine, and smite them with it. I've only missed one meeting in the past 22 years. There will be about pastors in Virginia Beach. How would you like to spend four days with pastors?

I will enjoy myself, though I'm sure it is an acquired taste! I will not be home and able to "blog" anymore until Saturday morning, so this will be my last post until then.


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