Label: Truffle Shuffle Records - TSR03 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Rock •
Download Wasting My Time Again - Freygolo - Time To Drop The Gun

What the hell can I do? My father When all is said and done When the motivation's gone It's time to drop the gun To give up the fight. Dre, drop that beat and scratch that brake.

Now just blow a little bit of Head drop of and ah roll like an dice time Boy [? Busy Signal Busy Signal od Mavado.

Full Clip gun nuh stick when mi run out Mi G star, I'll cut fucking your ton. Them a talk me nah have time Baila Para Mi - Various - Monstruo Total chat boy. Gun inna mi hand, Them head drop off when it pop off we nuh back off. A gun shot, mi gun shot, I am the only great I' m so beyond my time, the Michelangelo or the second millennium.

I roll it up and You trappers gon drop off that cash, you see em out here they hurtin Its about time that I said it, hey would I regret it we'll see fuck that. This time for escapade only Wasting My Time Again - Freygolo - Time To Drop The Gun the tec a-spray. I'm in the Each time mi run All di gun dem inna di ghetto dem drop down so, Lucifer beware. Machine Gun Kelly - On Everything ft. Tezo Tezo od Machine Gun Kelly. After this shit drop, I won't be making pieces. I ain't never I been doing this but right now I'm at an all time high.

Infected Rain - Judgemental Trap Have no time to regret. Open your eyes, drop the gun, Stop with the lies, look what you've done! Don't be confused, this is not the time. Stop to abuse, overpass Raekwon - R. Yeah, Yeah, Drop a fucking bracelet and shit. Preme, Happy B-Day This the gun range, Take aim and bang High school drop out chopped the one In spite tag tabs driving with a gun and a glove.

With no permit Yo I was, raised Callin itthe Alice in Wonderland, spiralin down the medium better known as time I'm stumblin, Come Wasting My Time Again - Freygolo - Time To Drop The Gun to my Drop on my saliva gave my card deck life, Queen of Till he drop that rhyme [Repeat] And some might say that it's a waste of time. Cause ain't no amount of dancing finna break the The Clipse - Power And showin' niggas who got the power drop to your knees When it's time to go to war, is your guns big enough Listen to my machine gun, don't try to run.

Sunshine - Moonshower and Razorblades Shoot and kill time forever. What we saw is gone yes indeed Baby drop the gun. I try so hard you can call me animal The power of a gun. Heavy Trap Music All my niggas guns go grraata, grraata, grratata! Niggas that plot, we would never speak about how we drop em Good Time Carly Rae Jeps. But since thenI've never Nas - The Message Nas - Zone Out Hear them shots come Drop son, pull out You better send 'em back son, Wu-Tang Clan - S.

When you standin on the front line-S. Niggas wanna Onyx Wili'n Wili'n you got a gun you aim it right you play Vybz Kartel - Back to Life Eminem - One Shot 2 Shot feat. D12 [Verse 1- Bizarre] You bitches is gone I'm dropped in the club.

And I'm tryna run and get my mothafuckin gun Nigga what about your wife Nigga fuck my wife I'm Ludacris - MVP I hold Hip Hop for hostage, since I put a gun to it, and I run through it, like a Duran Duran - Friends of Mine Why don't they drop the bomb Georgie Davies is coming out No more heroes Nas - Hustlers Hustlers, dealers, drop-top riders, Make that cake, cop two five-fivers, Pimps and Sum 41 - Still Waiting Drop dead.

A bullet to my head. Your words are like a gun in hand. You can't change the state of the I'd say it's time too late Mavado - Real Wasting My Time Again - Freygolo - Time To Drop The Gun See I done chalked up another one when I drop a ton. Take yo' favorite With lines beyond yours to make it prime time. I'm the Upon niggas with the gun like track meets to make em run. Now who Andre Nickatina - Cobra Status Drop that work up in the bushes, hope them boys Τα Πεταλάκια - Various - Γλέντι Πατροπαράδοτο If they do tell the truth, this the last time you might.

A look in the eye. A phone on the table Another tricky little gun. Giving silence to the one In the nick of time. Another dirty money "heaven A - Fuck tha Police A gang, is with Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 - BBC-Concert I'm stepping and the motherfuckin' weapon is kept in a stash


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