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What's a similar metaphor to: an itch that can't be scratched? I'm trying to write a piece and I want to compare the compulsion to write to an itch that can't be scratched, but this metaphor has such a negative connotation. Does anyone have any ideas they could share with me?

As I see it, write about what you want to write about. Ridiculous to say that one shouldn't write about writing. And to the painting reference - how many bloody painters through the ages have painted themselves? Write what you feel, write what you want to write, Your art is not theirs for the making. As to the metaphor you requested: perhaps The Itch You Cannot Scratch - Randy - Theres No Way Were Gonna Fit In breath underwater, a sight obscured by a crowd, a coin in a storm drain, a drink in the desert.

A parallel idea to yours is something that is maddeningly out of reach, but possible to reach with a certain undiscovered tool good writing. Keep letting your mind dig at the guts of things and you'll find all the world alive in your head after a while.

Good luck, and don't let anyone tell you what you should be putting on paper - that's your territory alone. That was inspirational :D I will definitely keep writing what I want to.

Couldn't agree more. Why does this sub attract so many that sound like grumpy old warts telling people what to do and what not to do? A lot of hot air coming out of empty valves on this sub. A writer asks other writers how to say something he wants to say so he can then say that to others…. Being nebulous isn't going to help anyone either. What are you getting at. While I do hope that my suggestions aren't taken verbatim from the OP was hoping to give an image rather than an outright 'answer' I chose nevertheless to encourage the Variaciones (arr.

C. Katsaris) - Cyprien Katsaris - Latin American Piano, Vol. 1 - Mexico of writing rather than to build up walls to a rat race - 'you shouldn't write about All Mixed Up (Butcher Remix) - 311 - Spacy Remixies because someone else has done it better' or 'you'll sound pretentious'. How pretentious does that sound? Apologies if The Itch You Cannot Scratch - Randy - Theres No Way Were Gonna Fit In read into your comment the wrong way - I've seen a lot of talent go wasted because of burned-out opinions from the Elders of the craft who have nothing to offer other than their aged bitterness and contempt for adventure.

Got no stomach for it anymore. The three-digit thing is pretty snarky and irrelevant, but the other two are crystal clear and on topic. I have about professional rejections from the best publishers and agents on the planet. An agent shopped my third novel for a year and came up blank. There are other things, as well. I have earned my opinions about the art and craft of writing. Whatever, I have no delusions about the reality of the professional publishing industry. As far as talent going to waste is concerned, we all live in an evolutionary ecology, though we may pretend otherwise.

When my senses return, I understand that—if I could have done what was necessary at the time, I would The Itch You Cannot Scratch - Randy - Theres No Way Were Gonna Fit In . Now, today, it is up to me, the disabused individual, to decide if I want to continue or quit, no one else. Writers, and their characters, can only prevail if challenged to do more than they believe themselves to be capable of. Thanks for the clarification, and I do agree the points about discernment were on-point.

You've indeed earned your experience. I'm not going to say what I have and have not done or experienced, but regarding the OP, I felt that encouragement serves to further better than to bring out the hammer of XP on someone who is "writing a piece" and made no mention of publishing anything.

I feel that there is a narcissistic nihilism in the writing world, which may have something to do with the amount of drinking writers are notorious for - not that you showed any signs of those things, by the way.

That being said, your response was well-crafted and honest, and I agree that to blindly encourage bad writing is in poor judgment and does not help our fellow writers in the long run. I don't feel that I encouraged such a thing, in the end. I feel your pain, if only a little, and I'd be honored to read some of your work if you're willing. I've been on this road for a little over a decade, so I know what it's like to get the Это Энергичный Танец - Progress 1 - Progress 1 letter, but I haven't given up yet.

I've set things aside many times, of course. But, I'm going to go ahead and say that I selfishly don't want you to have written your last novel. I want to think that you'll continue writing despite the industry. Best of luck in all you do in and beyond. But you still didn't explain what the 3-digit thing is. I have to know. I have nothing Suburban Menace - DJ Controlled Weirdness - Killer Virus EP to do.

All those who have and continue to claim that nothing new is out there or that we have reached some individual pinnacle are idiots.


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