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We need to recover and grow the idea that the proper answer to bad speech is more and better speech. Women are more likely to recover sooner Recover - Recover birth and less likely to experience post-partum depression. This slows the rate of all the above processes and increases the chances that someone can recover quickly enough to wake up.

It took decades for comics to recover and emerge as an adult art form. She literally had to lie down in between sessions in order to recover her strength. But as they were plentifully supplied with provisions they began to recover their spirits and confidence next day. They remained in the timber the rest of the day, in order that Ned might Recover - Recover sufficiently for the journey. Her mind was no sooner settled in deep conviction, and her heart comparatively at Recover - Recover , than she began rapidly to recover.

Words related to recover regainrestoreretrieverescueresumerepairrecoupsalvagereclaimrevivereboundgrowincreasegainovercomehealrecuperateretakerecruitrepossess. Words nearby recover recordkeepingrecountrecountalrecouprecourserecoverrecoverablerecoverable errorrecovered memoryrecoveryrecovery room.

To recover is to obtain again what one has lost possession of: to recover a stolen jewel. To reclaim is to bring back from error or wrongdoing, or from a rude or undeveloped state: to reclaim desert land by irrigation.

To retrieve is to bring back or restore, especially something to its former, prosperous Ill Get You Back - Con Funk Shun - Con Funk Shun 7 to retrieve one's fortune. Origin of re-cover —; late Middle English recoveren; see re-cover.

Examples from the Web for recover We need to recover and grow the idea that the proper answer to bad speech is more and better speech. All Around the Moon Jules Verne. The Thirsty Sword Robert Leighton. The Texan Scouts Joseph A. The Cavaliers of Virginia William A. Derived forms of recover recoverableadjective recoverabilitynoun recovererRecover - Recover .


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