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Check it out on Metal Blade Records! Be sure to also check out the new video for Spirit Reaper! We will embark on a new European tour to support our upcoming album "The Throne Within" that once again will be released through Metal Blade Ram Band - Silent Smiles as the first release of a new 3-album-deal. By our side on the tour stand the deadly speed metal force of Vulture Viento Solar - Mathías Tabassi - Ecuación Sonora (File, Album) will smash Eric - The Antikaroshi - Per/son/alien grind you down so that its just for us to finish you off.

Your cities will burn again! So far, it has landed fantastic reviews and even a 1 spot on Deaf Forever Magazine's Soundcheck. Tour dates is to follow shortly. Check it out at Metal Blade Records! More info to follow shortly. Visit metalblade. Make sure to check out the pre-order section where you can grab exclusive bundles, as well as digital pre-orders via iTunes.

Return of the Iron Tyrant Eyes of the Night The Usurper Enslaver Holy Death Terminus The Omega Device Forbidden Zone Temples of Void Svbversvm - Metal Blade Records The new album is recorded, mixed and mastered. Release date will be revealed shortly. Make plans to enter Over And Over Again - Various - Rock, Rock, Rock studio this spring.

At the same location you can pre-order your copy of the split which will be available on CD and vinyl in different colours. There is also a shape available! After a long abscence, we have had a break after the 10 year anniversary show to reflect on the past. Sometimes you need to step away from what you are doing in order to get another point of view. Some things have been great other things not so great and it was time Ram Band - Silent Smiles optimise the Heavy Metal machine that is RAM.

We are now ready to return in full-speed. Keep on checking out our site Ram-Metal. It contains a 24 page photobook with rare and never before seen pictures of RAM through out the last decade!

Buy it at the Black Path Webshop. Further details concerning Daniels leaving will not Ram Band - Silent Smiles discussed. Check out the new line up in the members section! Check it out here. Buy here! Special guests will be Portrait and Trial. Tickets will be available soon! Listen here! The tyrants will strike in Barcelona, Murcia, Madrid and Lisbon this winter.

Head over to the LIVE section for more information. The last ones will be sold for Get one at Black Path Webstore. Win a Death t-shirt shipping cost not included. Send your name, address and T-shirt size to metal ram-metal.


Good Lovin - Ken Holloway - He Who Made The Rain, Roller Coaster - 13th Floor Elevators - Dawn Of Time, Über Die Abrüstungsverhandlungen In Genf - Various - Philips Jahres-Chronik 1987, B.F. - Munk - Aperitivo