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EcoSport Ad. Good morning! This is what Monday looks like in our tiny home-office which is also the living room and dining room. Obviously the space can get messy— I run two businesses, have a 5-month old baby with no nanny or help just yetand 2 dogs.

But the workspace usually looks like this because adamwinkleman and I simply don't own that much stuff. I do have a few crucial tiny office tools that really help me stay organized, and they're up on my latest blog post. Earlier this evening with my three nuggets. I never want to leave our home these days.

Another year older today. This past year was epic, and I'm grateful beyond words. I'm so excited for the next round of adventures. I cannot stop smiling. Baby West had one of his happiest days yet, and his joy is completely infectious. I love that he enjoys playing in our little garden. I love that he giggles at our dogs, Stanlee and Sophee. I love how he stares at his father, adamwinkleman. Brothers sharing the stoop after the rain. Just so immensely happy.

This little house The Jackal - Polyester - The Jackal so many purposes. The Cottage is also my office and studio, and it has played host to dozens of events and shoots, and has welcomed hundreds of guests over time. All in under sqft! They reminded me that living in a small, simple home allows me to focus on my family, rather than on my stuff.

As West grows and requires new items for his Ponoć Je Prošla - Crveni Koralji Sa Solistom Borisom Babarovićem* - Najljepši San and mental development, I aim to carefully fulfill his needs, while simultaneously showing him how less has the potential to offer so much more.


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