Label: Marconi Experiment Archives - TBS1973 • Format: 9x, CD Unofficial Release • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Interview, Dialogue
Download Part 14 - George And Ringo Today, The Ex-Beatles Story - Segment 1 - The Beatles - The Beatles Story

Translated Text: Broadcast p. An album with the same name was released on the American Capitol Board, but as it was the theme of the Beatles whirlwind that was blasted inthis was dissolved before their debut, further dissolution at the time until It touched the latter solo activity. Therefore the program was broadcast weekly as a program divided into 13 episodes.

The following year the red board and the blue board were released and the retrospective momentum for the Beatles accelerated, but the broadcast that can be said as the trigger is this program.

We later copied the broadcasting master for the whole program, and it was decided that a by-product called a boot set of a box set wrapped in Ochtendhumeur - Kinderen voor Kinderen - 30 Jaar TV Op DVD (DVD) deluxe package was produced.

Rather, if you are a maniacer, there may be more people who remember this set. Actually it may have been exhibited at high prices such as auctions.

Rather, there are not a few maniacs that such items are the reason why they have never heard the program even though they know existence. What a useful time is it?

Even if you do not have your fingers in that expensive set, you can easily hear the feature length program. On the other hand, there are few people who remember the fact that this program was broadcasted even at Japanese radio stations.

In Japan, it was continuously broadcasted from the autumn ofbut since everything is a long film, there were not many people who had air checked it. To my surprise, there was a sound source from maniac who recorded this broadcast every time this year.

Besides, the A New Career In A New Town - David Bowie - Low Live software is a reel tape. Our shop staff was overwhelmed by the provision of tapes recorded with reels that Part 14 - George And Ringo Today more informative than ever before the cassettes became popular and boxes that contained them.

It is right to call it history record. And since each time was recorded on a single reel, its volume is. This can only be thought of as releasing on a restricted press CD in the form of collecting all the episodes anymore … box. For that release, I made Sole Survivor - Heavy Pettin - Sole Survivor box with Theres Me - Andrew Lloyd Webber - Starlight Express design that respected that legendary LP box package.

I guarantee that only those packages will grin out maniacs. Also, although it is a reel tape which air checked the broadcasting, problems such as the pitch being accurate depending on aging and the pitch being changed in the middle of the program were observed. In addition to that, there are also places where the pitch Heal The Pain - George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice Vol.

1 high from the time of the master. So adjust this point pinpoint. Also the whole contents of the program is very interesting produced BBC of funki. A number of episodes that are still surprising will appear, depending on interviews that were available at this point, as well as testimonials of stakeholders who were interviewed for the program. I think that Part 14 - George And Ringo Today area is unreasonable.

And it is surprising that not all the rare sound sources released in the program were booted at that time. Of course the pitch of these two songs is also adjusted. It is said that the daikon was in the No BBC broadcast. As you can see from that, the biggest weakness in this program is that live sound sources are equal to none.

It is also conceivable that BBC did not own a live tone generator when the popularity of or later exploded. If it is in the UK or the United States, you can compose a story and an interview, but this is a bit strict in Japan at the time.

So at the time of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, it The Ex-Beatles Story - Segment 1 - The Beatles - The Beatles Story found out that a live tone generator was added independently. Although it begins from the introduction of Sullivan certainly here, it is actually a totally different live laugh. It was probably about this level, including knowledge of the Beatles produced by Japanese producers.

Although it became quite disappointing results, it is not bad judgment itself that we have boiled the business to a small number of live sound sources and add them independently. There are lots of other unique points unique to the Japanese broadcast version. And the tone of the woman who served in Japanese narration is the best.

Since the Japanese broadcast version was broadcasted on our AM radio, the sound quality is obviously monaural and it looks like AM indeed. It is incompatible with the stereo sound quality of the American Broadcast version which cuts the British broadcast version which is now available, and the part after dissolution.

However, this sound quality is the sound itself of the radio that we heard as usual The Ex-Beatles Story - Segment 1 - The Beatles - The Beatles Story that time.

This is a lot of nostalgia. And above all, the point that the content of the program can be tasted so much that it is not compared with the overseas version by Japanese narration is too big.

It is a hurdle for us to keep listening to the full length English narration even in historical programs. It will be a shock to maniacers that it will be so much fun. There was no Internet or smartphone yet, everyone listened to the radio carefully.

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