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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Windows's Snipping tool can capture the screen, but sometimes I want to capture the screen after five seconds, such as taking an image being displayed by the webcam. Run the script and smile at the camera, for example. This can be verified empirically by putting the following into a batch file, running it repeatedly and calculating the time differences between the first and second echo s:.

Try the La Veillée - Yann Tiersen - On Tour (DVD) command. The one thing that might be an issue is if the user types one of the choice characters before the timeout period elapses. Below is the help text on Windows Vista. I think it is the same on XP, but look at the help text on an XP computer to verify. If you've got PowerShell on your system, you can just execute this command:.

Edit: people raised an issue where the amount of time powershell takes to start is significant compared to how long you're trying to wait for. If the accuracy of the wait time is important ie a second or two extra delay is not acceptableyou can use this approach:. This takes the time when the windows command was issued, and the powershell script sleeps until 5 seconds after that time. So as long as powershell takes less time to start than your sleep duration, this approach will work it's around ms on my machine.

In the past I've downloaded a executable named sleep that will work on the command line after you put it in your path. Is like pause in 1 secound, you can take the limed to almost If you are connected to the internet the best solution would be:. When you ping you count in milliseconds, so one second would No Sleep - TSUKI - Sleep Where Its Quiet (File) milliseconds. But the ping command is a little iffy, it does not work the same way on offline machines.

So i would recommend timeout. Good luck! PING 1. Firstly, to delay in a batch file, simply without all the obtuse methods people have been proposing:. Secondly, worth mentioning that while it may not do exactly No Sleep - TSUKI - Sleep Where Its Quiet (File) you want, using the inbuilt Windows snipping tool, you can trigger a snip on it without using the mouse.

This shouldn't interfere with whatever it is you're trying to snip. I ended up using sleep. So far, using sleep. This is No Sleep - TSUKI - Sleep Where Its Quiet (File) latest version of what I am using in practice for a ten second pause to see the output when a script finishes.

The echo done allows me to see when the script finished and the ping provides the delay. The extra signs mean that I see the "done" text and the waiting occurs without me being distracted by their commands. I have tried the various solutions given here on an XP machine, since the idea was to have a batch file that would run on a variety of machines, and so I picked the XP machine as the environment likely to be the least capable. This seemed to give a three second delay as expected. One ping attempt lasting a specified 3 seconds.

This took around 10 seconds not 5. My explanation is that there are 5 ping attempts, each about a second apart, making 4 seconds. And each ping attempt probably lasted around a second making an estimated 9 seconds in Love Thing - Venus In Motion - Walking In Limbo. I tried the above too, after reading that comments could be added to BAT files by using two consecutive colons.

However the software returned almost instantly. Putting the comment on its own line before the ping worked fine. My explanation is that there are 5 ping attempts each lasting 5 seconds, but there is about a 1 second time delay between ping attempts: there is after all little reason to expect a different result if you ping again immediately and it is better to give a network a little time to recover from whatever problem it has had.

Edit: stolen from another post . RFC says the IP address I have modified the text above accordingly! I made Contrary Mary - Kix - Kix. It is working and show time left in seconds. If you want to use it, add to a batch file:. Listing of wait. You can use VBScriptfor example, file myscript. An improvement of the code proposed by the user Aacini, It has resolution of hundredths of a second and does not fail when the time reachesYou may also insert the day in the calculation so the method also works when the delay interval pass over No Sleep - TSUKI - Sleep Where Its Quiet (File). Download the Sleep.

It can be done with two simple lines in a batch file: write a temporary. If Patrz - Stan Oskarżenia - I Co . have an appropriate version of Windows and the Windows Server Resource Kit Toolsit includes a sleep command for batch programs.

EDIT: You should also be away that if the machine isn't connected to a network say a portable that your using in the subwaythe ping trick doesn't really work anymore. That is, unless you tell it to only wait for 1 second before timing out. I wrote a powerbasic program wait.

SLEEP cannot be aborted by anything except for close button :p. Other one is PING. But PING needs internet connection because you'll be recording the connection of a site.

Learn more. Asked 10 years, 1 month ago. Active 6 months ago. Viewed 1. How do I Goldfish Memory - Ultimate Barbecue - Ultimate Barbecue for 5 seconds in a batch file? Peter Mortensen Refs: SS64Rob van der Woude. There is timeout command that waits for seconds.

In case if millisecond sleep is needed, powershell's Start-Sleep can be used. Pavel: You can also misuse a ping to a non-existent host to sleep for milliseconds.

A good summary of the various techniques to halt a batch file process: robvanderwoude. One hack is to mis use the ping command: ping Valse Mignonne - Jane Parker-Smith - At The Grand Organ Of Armagh Cathedal IP address is guaranteed to always resolve, be reachable, and immediately respond to pings.

There is a 1s delay between each ping, so for a 5s delay you need to send 6 pings. MultiplyByZer0 2, 2 2 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. Martin Martin This doesn't work well for me could be a networking issue? Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Fudge I try the above command without the pipe to nul I immediately get a "Destination host unreachable" from the gateway server and the ping command exits straight away.

It's cleaner and more reliable, IME, to do "ping One correction - 1. Theoretically, it may be reached. It's offline now because I suspect their owners gave up hope to use it for anything but pings from all over the world : For more details on this IP see serverfault.

It's saver to either use Cybergibbons Beware fence-post error here. There is a 1s delay between each ping, so for a 10s delay you need to do 11 pings, i. II recommend to use Please note however thanks Dan! Eugene Beresovsky Timeout is poorly implemented.

If you do a "timeout 1", it will wait until the "next second," which could occur in. Try doing "timeout 1" a few times and observe the difference in delay.

For 5 seconds or more, it may not be a big deal, but for a 1 second delay it works poorly. Default list is "YN". The message before the prompt is displayed and the choices are still enabled. By default, the utility is case-insensitive. Acceptable values are from 0 to If 0 is specified, there will be no pause and the default choice is selected. If not specified, the utility displays only a prompt. Displays this help message. The first choice listed returns a value of 1, the second a value of 2, and so on.


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