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Shot on location in various exotic locales, including a noisy, actively spewing volcano in Iceland, a desolate wasteland in Death Valley and near the craggy foot of Mt. Philippe Garrel apparently rather unfittingly playing the devil, as Nico goes on to refer to him appears from out of nowhere, a decidedly unattractive, scrawny man who takes on the likeness of a strangely dull and unfestive nutcracker—having a very stiff, almost robotic gait, sporting an unkempt unfurled mane of hair resembling that of a care-free drug addict coming down from one too many acid trips, and wearing perhaps the most ill-fitting pair of pants I have ever seen on a man indeed, those brown leather trousers hugged his scrotum so tightly as to render him a eunuch.

I hate you! Garrel, in rather less than devilish fashion, acquiesces quite sullenly to this barrage of puerile verbal abuse, only looking down at the ground, and continuing to walk, seemingly meandering as if on a path to nothingness—in essence, representative of the direction of the film as a whole.

The next scene cuts La Cicatrice Intérieure - Various - Tri-Bu 4 a prissy but again, dowdily dressed Nico, seemingly having another premenstrual bitch fit, on some rocks in what appears to be the craggy desert environment of Mt. There is no justice! The seas shall rise over your heads and drown you all! In the background, a man on a white horse is seen, inexplicably waving a white flag, as if to signify that he is surrendering, but to what is never made known.

Starting off Great Big Hunk Of Man - Various - Double Dealing Blues - Chess Blues Archives Vol.2: Texas / West Co its typically aimless manner, this segment introduces a series of vignettes featuring a rather limp-wristed, decidedly un-Icelandic, pathetic waif of a man played by Pierre Clementi, an archer—and a dead ringer for that thoroughly haughty and annoying British attention-seeking actor, Russell Brand, only about 50 pounds lighter—who traverses the dreary island via boat and horseback, most often appearing fully nude with his wang rendered so flaccid by the frigid temperature that its barely able to wave in the wind.

Toward the end of this particular segment, Hey There - Julie London - Love Letters / Feeling Good unusual link between scenes is made with the archer appearing adjacent to the child, screaming in French, and then running over to Nico, who appears initially to be in an almost catatonic state, bedecked with flowers surrounding her on the ash-covered earth.

In the final act, and perhaps the only segment that seems to make any sense, the archer, riding a dark horse, again comes upon a spaced-out Nico, still donning her drabby pre-Christian Mesopotamian era vestment and overall look, who is La Cicatrice Intérieure - Various - Tri-Bu 4 across the barren, ashen Icelandic wilderness, while a volcano sputters in the background.

They walk together somberly and silently to the seashore, where he La Cicatrice Intérieure - Various - Tri-Bu 4 a boat and sets adrift; she subsequently begins screaming seemingly caustic remarks at him in German, like a mentally deranged adolescent girl in desperate need of a double dose of depakote.

The next cut reveals Nico, once again, delivering a frustrated German soliloquy, and holding a rock in one hand; she comes upon the burnt out husk of the boat from which the archer had set adrift just minutes prior. Seemingly fearful that the archer is dead, Nico drops the rock, and is presumably frozen in a state of shock; however, her fears are assuaged in the next scene when the archer makes his final appearance. Nico, perched atop some volcanic rocks, stares felicitously over the frozen, ashen earth below her, as the archer, holding a sword, with his legs spread out so that his frozen, shrunken member is still on full display, slowly and ceremoniously raises the sword above his head, to which Nico triumphantly grabs it, signifying that she has become the king, the ultimate ruler of the cold, dreary domain, and La Cicatrice Intérieure - Various - Tri-Bu 4 , hopefully that she has come to have some control over her fiery, frenetic feelings.

It is this Dream - Carmen Rodgers - Free image of the film that is perhaps one of its most La Cicatrice Intérieure - Various - Tri-Bu 4 and entrancing, and perfectly befitting an archetype or Tarot card illustration: a Nordic ice goddess, Do It, Fluid - The Blackbyrds - The Blackbyrds exercising complete control over her frosty, yet fiery chaotic dominion, both that which exists outside and within herself.

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