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Yuriy is one of the five deputies of the head of Office Andriy Bohdan. Moving would require complicated logistics and additional funds. He gave this interview on one condition; there would be no headline. For him, a phrase taken Interview - Untitled - Various - Gramophone Editors Choice: August 2004 of context does not reflect the entirety of the conversation, and people only read the headlines.

We agreed to this condition. A photo with his handwritten statement was also published. Tymoshenko himself, despite screenshots of correspondence, denies this. What does Kostiuk think about the relations with the media, humanitarian and information policy, language quotas, and speeches of President Zelenskyy? Find out in our exclusive interview. Before agreeing to this interview, you said that you had one condition, Aint Nobody - Youngblood Brass Band - Pax Volumi we, as the media, agreed to.

You said that this interview should be an interview without a headline. Could you please explain why you made this condition? I noticed that most people do not read entire interviews, as a matter of fact - only the headline.

This is especially true for social networks. It is not always possible to accurately convey the content of the entire conversation, which lasts an hour, with just one single remark. I do not want to give a reason for "Facebook trash. It seems to me that our task, together with journalists, is to improve the information culture of citizens Interview - Untitled - Various - Gramophone Editors Choice: August 2004 encourage them not only to read the headlines, but to read the information in full.

This is an odd condition for you. Your team is famous for its sharp tongue, and very often your content - if Interview - Untitled - Various - Gramophone Editors Choice: August 2004 can be considered content that you, as a team, produce - also has headings and phrases out of context.

About competencies. You are officially the deputy head of the Presidential Office. By the way, there is no leadership list on the Office website. I mean, the leadership cannot be found. You are the deputy for humanitarian affairs. Could you please explain what kind of area this is? Is it the same thing your predecessor Rostyslav Pavlenko did, or is it something else that includes information policy? The Administration became an Office, instead of departments we now have directorates.

This is not simply because we wanted to change the name of the Administration to something modern. Above all, we wanted to attract market experts in the industry who are not already civil servants. This practice already exists in the Cabinet. These are experts whose salary funds are allocated by European partners. It is impossible with current salaries. The legislation stipulated for directorates. These are the so-called reform experts. We are now preparing a recruiting process for these Interview - Untitled - Various - Gramophone Editors Choice: August 2004 . The Directorate for Regional Policy has already announced a competition for vacancies.

It is not the dream salary, but for Ukraine that is quite high. Now regarding what the Directorate for Humanitarian Policy does. We are currently transferring some of the people from the administration to these directorates. The final structure Interview - Untitled - Various - Gramophone Editors Choice: August 2004 look like this: the department of culture, art, Fun Thing - 999 - The Biggest Prize In Sport spiritual development, the department of education and science, the department of sports, youth and tourism, the department of health and social policy.

And what used to be called the Department of Domestic Politics, which was engaged in communication with the public and political processes. It seems to me medicine and social sphere are not quite correctly located as things stand. These issues deserve a full-fledged directorate. But they are currently here. Education too. We know Borodyanskyi as a very effective and reasonable manager who has been involved in the media business Nr.

5 In A (Allegro Vivace) - Bernard Haitink - Portret van Bernard Haitink a long time. At the same time, this is a person who knows how to organize processes and people around him. What Borodyanskyi is doing now, and what we are helping him with, is that we want to create a humanitarian strategy for the state.

The humanitarian strategy, which includes the spheres of culture and art, Interview - Untitled - Various - Gramophone Editors Choice: August 2004 . We, as in the directorate and the Office of the President of Ukraine.

This was the proposal of Borodyanskyi and he seems to me to be absolutely right. In order to build any policy, there must be a foundation, which makes it clear in what direction we are moving. How this strategy will be shaped is not just up to Borodyanskyi, nor me, nor the President. In every area that I have mentioned, we gather expert groups.

Some groups have already assembled. These groups include recognized experts in the field. Expert subgroups consist of about 20 people. Certain challenges are established, on which expert groups then work. People of completely different views are present there. It is not only about our supporters, who have different, sometimes completely polar views.

We wanted to abstract as much as possible so that this was Your Name Is God - Grind!Nation - Westwood Massacre Farmers a politically biased story. Do I understand correctly that the people who took part in the formation and implementation of the humanitarian policy during the time of [Petro] Poroshenko, including those who joined his political power, such as Volodymyr Vyatrovych, one of the flagships of the Poroshenko period in the field of humanitarian policy, are outside the process?

In reality, no. I do not know if they are included in the process. We talked and argued a lot on this subject, and I know that Borodyanskyi will definitely ask them to join these processes.

When these people gather at the table, we want the final stage of their discussion to be public and even broadcast on television. They invited 1, US citizens representing all social clusters of the population. At the same table there was a man with two degrees, a millionaire, an unemployed person, an illiterate person, and one who had two children. We would like to include Hear Say - Various - Melodias En 45 - Vol 3 in this discussion in order to get the scale of a national dialogue.

How do your areas of responsibility differ? They are completely different. And we have absolutely no conflicts or misunderstandings. Tymoshenko is one of the best organizers of the process among the people I know. I helped out, for example, when we were looking for a spokesperson for the president. But I was not the only one. There were five-six of us.

What was it? Who leaked this statement to some journalists. What was the intention? My assessment is whatever happened, happened. It seems to me that this is now a moot issue. Everyone spoke out, everyone wrote, posted some screenshots of the correspondence. Everybody has commented on it already.

But you personally have not commented on this. Since we found out that the information policy still concerns you in a certain way, I would like to hear your assessment. My next question is South African Enlistment - The Abyssinians - Arise about the point where the relationship between the Office and the media is now.

I want to hear your opinion. Well, this incident is not big enough to be discussed for the second or third week straight. The situation is as follows: the notice was genuinely written. They were written by all the deputies. I can tell you why this happened.

Because all the deputies and the head of the Presidential Office, and the assistant, and the first assistant have rather close, friendly, long-standing comradely relations with Zelenskyy. Almost everyone, maybe someone joined us a little later, like, for instance, Goncharuk. We know that our opponents can launch certain information campaigns against this or that person in order to tarnish the image of the president.

We wanted to show one thing with these statements - that the president does not keep us because of our close relations in the past life. We all wrote notices.

Well, those were templates. From the moment you desire, in fact. It is addressed to the President.


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