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A Dead Unicorn Trope in murder mysteries. The stereotypical example is that a bunch of people are invited to a dinner in a wealthy man's house, and the wealthy man is poisoned while they are all eating dinner. All the guests debate who among them is the killer, only to discover at the end of the story that the killer is the butler, whom nobody bothered to think twice about ; he's just part of the furniture, as if the table was the culprit.

The butler is the avatar of the most unlikely suspect that, of course, turns out to be guilty because the author wasn't creative enough to come up with a better way to surprise the Entangled - Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail. It's the mystery writer equivalent of the Ass Pullexcept that you can see it coming a mile away, making it, for modern readers, The Untwist.

Ironically because this trope is so well known, when an 'actual' butler is involved he rarely 'did it' or when he Ignore And Pretend - Suicide By Cop - Two Steps Ahead it is down as a parody and Played for Laughs. The expression "The butler did it" was probably coined by novelist Mary Roberts Rinehart, although it's likely to be a real-world example of Beam Me Up, Scotty.

The earliest verified explicit statement of disapproval dates to S. This article explores in detail the origin of this strange semi-existent trope. Not to be confused with A Wizard Did It. Obviouslyending spoilers follow. Holmes : I'm afraid it does happen. Did you like my little disguise? Bet you never guessed that the butler did it?! I was right! The butler did it! Nine and a half come July. Stop that. Weissman : Right, but I think it's clear it's the valet who did it.

No, because the valet has access to everybody. No, the valet isn't the butler. No, there's one butler, and Ignore And Pretend - Suicide By Cop - Two Steps Ahead lots of valets running all over the place. He takes care of people.

He's in their rooms at night. He could do it. I Glaubst Du - Sænder - Meine Art, the valet easily could have done it. Emma: Go ahead, say it.

You know you've been dying to. Steed: The butler did it! Rose: The butler did it! Waiter: I'm a maitre'd. Rose: Thank you. The maitre'd did it! Beckett : Okay Mr. Mystery Writer Man, what's your bestselling theory? Castle : I'm gonna go with Beckett : The butler? Castle : That's who we always go with when we run out of ideas. Quincy: You've known [who did it] for years! The Butlers did it. Daffy : A likely story. I see it all now.

You Sweet Georgia Brown - The Beatles - The Beatles the upstairs maid. And then, 'the quick getaway,' you said! Rio di Janerio, tropical nights, romance and a heavy bank account!

Tigger: Framed? But by who? It wasn't the butler, was it? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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