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I couldn't find it in the dictionary. I've been hearing the expression on T. Is it "sick" or "seek" or what? Here's the answer I'm sorry that sick is NOT wrong, but it is not, and Ich War Noch Niemals In New York - Andrea Berg - Schwerelos Live (Tausend Und Eine Nacht-Tour) (DVD), in a sense, is "seek.

The word is "sick," not necessarily "sic," according to the Oxford English Dictionary. However, "sic" is also listed "Also sic". It turns out that in either form it is dialect, and a variation of Seek!

I too would have thought it "sic," but you have to keep an open mind in these things since what we are used to and comfortable with, is what we tend to think is "right. To incite or Time - Alpha Blondy - Révolution a person to attack.

Also, to set a dog or other animal on or at. To set a person to work on; to set a person to pursue, observe, accompany, etc. Once in a while when talking with fellow dog people I will bring up my Murphy's story if it has to do with the subject about how he was abused, scared, untrained, a bit agressive, very skinny etc.

Yes some dogs do, but many times shelter dogs are healthy and don't have many behavioral issues though most of the time dogs that have been there the longest do have some "issues" actually most the time dogs are given to shelters because of reasons like moving, new baby in the family, not enough time, financial issues etc. And for puppies, most are unwanted litters that where born because some idiot didn't spay their dog. And when I look for a dog, again I am such a shelter fanatic most of my dogs will probably always be rescues, I first look into wich dog will fit best in my lifestyle and such once I find that out then yes I would probably go for the dog that is sick, has special needs or behavioral issues as long as I know I can handle that just because that is the kind of person I am.

All three of those things highly reduce a animal's chance of being adopted and I am a fan of the underdog. I'm doing basic obedience right now. My trainer hasn't once handled my dog. He has shown me how to handle my dog by using his own dog but that's about it. The reasoning is that I need to learn how to do these basic corrections and what not myself.

I have never considered sending my dog away for training. I guess I haven't found that much of a problem with him to even think about it. Again, it may also have to do with the level of training you are looking for etc. 在想什麼 - 夾子電動大樂隊 - 情慾教室 idea lol.

I'm not a trainer. I think a first time dog owner needs to learn simple commands and how to handle their dog themselves as well. Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts! More holiday gift inspiration. Answer Save. Here is the dictionary definition and spelling: "Sick:" "Also sic. Of a dog: To set upon, attack an animal. Chiefly in imperative. Katherine Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. This Site Might Help You.

To set upon; attack. To urge or incite to hostile action; set: sicced the dogs on the intruders. I have I Don`t Believe - English Dogs & Sick On The Bus - The Dog Sick EP heard it called hissing the dogs on you. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers I Don`t Believe - English Dogs & Sick On The Bus - The Dog Sick EP asking now.


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