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Our mission is to join individuals and groups working in different ways to ensure that our children live in a rational, sustainable world.

When enough people abandon the belief that war is inevitable,it will become unthinkable. War is conducted for corporate Empire. Therefore,the first step to ending war is ending corporate control of the US government. All social justice efforts lead to the end of war, the ultimate injustice.

Those who work for justice are Soldiers For Peace. Thanks and thank you for reading and commenting, Lorio. Please help share this message by sharing this blog. Thank you, Rick. I am not convinced that we humans make choices due to our having a dual nature animal and spiritual. If by "animal" you mean we can act based on instinct, that is true. But instinct is also a divine gift and not only is it an awfully important one, it is one that may also serve to awaken spiritual awareness by which I think you mean 'consciousness of others"?

Me, I think that there are three, perhaps four aspects to the human condition: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. All of these affect the choices we make, most all of which have to do with our perceptions of our material condition. Consciousness of others the needs and wants of others can be acquired.

And for civilizations to thrive, it must be. Humans don't manage well in the absence of community! Sebastian Unger has written eloquently about soldiers, how they survive the terrible stresses that war imposes: he Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) - Various - Garage Nation how tribal they become, how looking out for the other guy is what assures their own survival. This is a very big subject, as you know. Thanks for including me in your outreach.

The Uni-Unis are lucky to have you among them. Yours is a perfectly valid way of thinking of human nature, but I would argue that I am implicitly defining our spiritual nature as being independent of our physical or psychological needs or desires or those aspects of the mind related to them.

By contrast, when I refer to our animal nature, Move - Snakefingers Vestal Virgins - Night Of Desirable Objects refer to not only instincts but acquired beliefs and behaviors based on self-interest. Because this was supposed to be a minute sermon and I am afraid it will already run long, I left out some clarifying details of my ideas.

I certainly agree that our animal nature is also divine, if one believes in a creator. The basic distinction I am trying to make by creating this forced dichotomy is that Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) - Various - Garage Nation that aspect of ourselves which is self serving from that which acts from love Radio Infinity - Derail To Innovate compassion.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, RC. It's always a pleasure to converse with you, Rick: I'm appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

As I said, the Uni-Unis are lucky to have you. But I'll certianly give it more thought. In reality, of course, the two cannot be separated. That is why I refer to it as a "false dichotomy," which I do only for the purposes of illustrating what happens when you allow one or the other to dominate.

If mind and body could really be separated, how would one initiate an action? I have not read Descartes, so I have to wonder how he explains what the "I" is that he thought he had proven the existence of if he thought they could be. This is the personal blog of Rick Staggenborg, MD.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the official positions of Take Back America for the People, an educational Feel free to reproduce any blogs by Dr Staggenborg without prior permission, as long as they are unedited and posted or printed with attribution and a link to the website.

For other blogs, please contact the author for permission. Follow by Email. Since t his blogsite is a political one, it may seem inappropriate to some that I am choosing to publish a sermon here, but I do not apologize. Anyone who objects to the invocation of a higher power in the universe is welcome to skip past such references here, but the message is otherwise universal and entirely consistent with the stated aims of Soldiers For Peace International.

I hope that it will provide some thought for those who battle for justice out of anger, and who forget that anger is but a response to the pain we feel when we see the powerful prey on the meek. In his first inaugural address, with the nation on the brink of civil war, Lincoln called on the nation to remember that regardless of our differences, we are all bound by common ideals.

I believe it refers to the fact that Man has two natures that are often in conflict: spiritual and animal. When we decide to act in a situation with moral implications, we always face a choice between satisfying our physical and psychological desires or acting according to the greater good.

Lincoln was pointing out that the coming war was not inevitable. War is always a choice. Dub Dem - Fikir Amlak, Isiah Mentor, Mighty Prophet - Warn Dem deciding on our actions, most of us try to balance the two types of motivation, animal and spiritual. We want to serve our own interests, but not at the expense of doing harm.

But how deeply do we consider the effects of our actions and just as importantly, our decisions not to act? That requires consistent effort. While accepting our limitations, we must constantly strive to improve. We are all creatures of habit, but the absence of change is death. Therefore, we must make it a habit to question our actions as a means of growth. This starts with questioning our motivations. The difference between the two forms of motivation, spiritual and animal, is not always clear.

Rationalization is powerful and universal. For example, we may strongly believe that character is built by Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) - Various - Garage Nation self-reliant. Does this mean that caring for others actually harms them? Some say yes. Are they just justifying their desire to avoid paying taxes to provide a social safety net? After all, most would feel differently if someone close to them is afflicted. Until the question affects them personally, such people suppress their innate compassion.

I believe that this community supports the right of each of us to health care, but how many of us are standing up Hostiles - Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots the innocent victims of war.

What interest does turning away serve? Rationalization is an unconscious process, so how do we decide what our motivation is and whose interest our actions or inaction serves? The key is to honestly consider where our self-interest lies, and put it aside when it conflicts with what is best for all. Perhaps we avoid confronting the evil of war because its horror is too overwhelming.

That would serve to ease our anxiety and avoid a sense of helplessness, but at the cost of our spiritual well-being. Animal nature is not inherently bad. It enables us to survive as individuals in hostile physical environments. However, it is our spiritual side that connects us to the wider universe, including that which is not seen. God, however we choose to define it, is within us as well as outside of us.

I believe that though we often forget it, love is what connects us to each other and to the wider universe. We can call this universal, all-pervasive love the Holy Spirit.

Love is not physical, yet nothing is more powerful. Love is the one thing that could exist without its opposite, which is not hate but apathy. Unlike darkness, which cannot exist without light, universal love fills the emptiness of space.

I believe that this is because it emanates from the Source of all creation. It is our substance, in the most elemental sense. We cannot ever separate ourselves from that Source Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) - Various - Garage Nation from each other, though we can become insensible of the connection.

That is what apathy is, willful blindness to our innate compassion. Our beliefs do not define us. Our actions do. What we think we believe is self-identity, but it is what we do establishes the identity that others see. When our actions follow our beliefs, we are said to have integrity. If we never examine our beliefs, we do not see inconsistency between our various beliefs or between our beliefs and our actions.

But we cannot honestly say we believe in something if we are acting contrary to that Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) - Various - Garage Nation . We choose what we want to believe, often without thinking.

In a very real sense, we construct our own reality. That is why we have become divided by our belief systems. We must strive to remember that in truth, we are one even with those who seem to have nothing in common with us. We should try to persuade others in a loving manner, not in one that promotes anger and conflict. Our goal should be to create a common reality that is true to the loving nature of our spiritual selves. So, if we want to become more the person we want to Crossed Out - Defektro - Cellnation, we have to make decisions by looking at all choices, understanding our motivations, and deciding to act according to the beliefs we wish to define us, such as thinking that we are empathetic, engaged and altruistic.

We cannot allow superficial beliefs to guide us, if they conflict with our core beliefs. Again, only when we develop a coherent system Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) - Various - Garage Nation spiritual beliefs and allow them to determine our actions can we become the persons we want truly want to be.

If we consider ourselves spiritual and virtuous, how do our actions show it? Are individual acts of kindness enough?


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