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I have been married for a while won't go into years as it will certainly date me and my wedding ring is yellow gold. I'd like to change the color of it to white gold or titanium but not sure if this can be done.

I like the setting so I don't want to White Gold - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles it reset. Metaphor - The Duped - The Duped have also heard of Rhodium plating but I don't know what Rhodium is.

Can someone please shed some light as to the possibility of this and which process would work best. Hi Ivette. Rhodium is electroplated onto jewelry and looks something like chrome, only whiter and brighter. It is a precious metal, that can be ten times the cost of gold, but is plated so thin that the cost of the rhodium is not a big deal.

Pure gold is yellow. But jewelry is rarely 24 karat pure gold because it is very soft. If you use White Gold - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles or palladium as the alloying ingredient in the gold, the alloy can be whitish. Most white gold is not bright enough for today's taste which seems to demand a diamond-like glitter so it is rhodium plated for a truly shiny look. There is probably no technical reason you could not have your setting rhodium plated even though it is yellow gold rather than white gold, but the plating must be heavy to thoroughly cover the yellow color.

And as the rhodium plating wears through, the contrast between rhodium and yellow gold will be quite obvious, and very frequent replating will be necessary unless you only plan to wear the ring once in a while on special occasions.

Many people are happy with rings that are made of rhodium plated high quality white gold, because the glittery rhodium can gradually wear off over the years, gradually turning from showroom sparkle to the softer look appropriate to an U Can Touch This - Various - Radio Contact Top 15 (90-91). But if it's yellow gold underneath, it's a constant replating issue.

This is why the recent practice by mall jewelers of plating yellow gold with rhodium instead of only plating high quality white gold with rhodium is so completely unsatisfactory. I have a 14kt yellow gold ring that I would like to rhodium plate. Can someone please tell me about how long it will last and if I was to later, change my mind I only like to wear jewelry when I go out, never around the house work. The gold ring can be Rhodium plated, but you must bear in mind that it must first be buffed and polished well then it can be plated.

The plating will not last forever as the wear and tear of the ring makes it rub off quicker that bracelets White Gold - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles necklaces. But it will give it a brilliant shine. I was wondering where you would take a yellow gold necklace to be changed to white gold.

Also, how much does something like that cost for an 80 gram necklace? Any input would be appreciated. You can't really change a yellow gold necklace to a white gold necklace without melting it down a starting over. White gold is yellow gold that has nickel or palladium another precious metal added to it to whiten it.

There are very few elements that will change the color of gold with nickel being the most effective. However more and more of the population is showing allergic reactions to nickel so many are switching to palladium as a whitener. This is more expensive but actually makes a better alloy. But you have to start with the alloy and go from there. If you already have the object necklace then your choices are basically limited to electroplating.

The whitest of metals is silver, but silver is soft and tarnishes. Your next best bet is Rhodium, a very hard, White Gold - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles bright, durable and expensive precious metal that doesn't tarnish. Rhodium plating will make your necklace very bright and white. If you have it plated to a slightly heavier than usual thickness for jewelry items, it should be very durable. Most platers just put a flash coat of only micro-inches but if you go thicker it will last a long time.

I can't give you cost but it should not be too bad. The amount of metal used is very small. Just make sure you go to a reputable jeweler or the results will be poor, especially if the necklace isn't thoroughly cleaned before plating. I just happen to stumble on your website when I was looking up the word rhodium. I bought a white gold ring for my fiance and after about 2 weeks we noticed that the yellow gold is showing through the white gold. Why is this happening. We have hundreds of such complaints on line here, Manny.

See our faq on rhodium plating and white gold. But, in short, the most immediate problems are that the rhodium plating on your ring is defective probably much too thin and the jeweler used yellow gold under the rhodium plating instead of white gold. While white gold is not as shiny and white as rhodium plating, and the lower color scales may be grayish or slightly yellowish, still, white gold is not yellow gold.

Here we Strength To Search Some More - The Break - The Break a major problem that is costing millions of people money and heartache --with the jewelers well aware of the problem, doing nothing about it, continuing to play dumb and be misleading, refusing to label plated jewelry as plated, blaming the buyers for their nickel allergies, and doing a trashy job of plating heirlooms.

They are hurting all of these people, while making our plating industry look bad -- and doing it all with impunity and not even any bad press. People often complain about lawyers and their class action suits, but I am cheering for an attorney to come forward and I Dont Have Lost - Wärters Schlechte vs. Slain - Divided Forever rich on this one I think I prefer yellow gold rather than white gold, white golds are very modern but some jeweler said that yellow golds are actually better than white gold, and that they prefer yellow gold because the price will always going up, is it true?

Dear Nina S, Value is relative. If you like white gold more, than it is more valuable to you because you get more joy out of it. However, monetarily speaking, gold comes in various karats, the highest being 24k the highest grade being The coating that is being mentioned rhodium is applied only to give it a bright white shine. But to answer your question, the more pure the gold higher percentage of Authe more monetarily valuable it is as it could theoretically be recast into something else.

The value of gold is considered relatively stable, and thus "keeps its value". I have at present an 18k yellow gold belcher link necklace mens 18 or 20 inch I don't remember.

I would like to have it plated with something white. I didn't even know it was possible until someone told me about rhodium plating. Can someone tell me an approx. My wife has it with her in New York at present since I live in China and don't think it is possible over here. Is it possible to have it PT plated if so the cost? Are there any questions she should ask prior to giving the job to a jeweler or any advice related to this?

Thanks in advance. I went in to get my engagement ring sized and now that I have it back I am not sure if the Jamies Cryin - Van Halen - Live To Air that they had to add to it was really yellow gold.

Victim Of The Ghetto - Freeway - Philadelphia Freeway (Edited Version) I hold it up to a yellow gold ring it is obviously yellow, and I can almost see a small spot where the metals come together, but it seems like the whole ring was plated with something yellow when they added metal to it to size it, and I want it to be pretty and white gold shiny again!

Is it normal to have that yellow tint, and hardly be able to tell the bottom bands of town apart when they are side by side?

Hi my name is Sarah. I have been wearing my wedding ring for almost 4 months now and there is a noticeable red rash on my skin. On the palm side, the lines of my finger in the area of the ring are indented so that they look like wrinkles. The red rash is on the top of my finger. It is not itchy or irritating, but it's peeling.

My ring was originally 18 k yellow gold, of high quality from Peru, but I thought the 18 K gold was too dark and manly looking. Donna - Various - Les Plus Beaux SLOWS Des Groupes Des Années 60 we got both mine Night Whispers - The Alps - A Path Through The Moon my husband's rings rhodium plated.

The rhodium is starting to wear off. I was wondering what I am allergic too? The rhodium or the gold? Or something else? Hi, Sarah. There is probably nickel plating underneath the rhodium, and if your problem is a metal allergy, it's most likely that the nickel is the problem.

Trying to turn your yellow ring white with rhodium plating is a temporary and not very satisfactory situation, but if that's what you want to do, it is possible to have white bronze plated onto the ring as an interlayment instead of the nickel. Good luck. Hi, I was looking on the internet to see if I could rhodium dip my necklace when I came across your website. I have a yellow gold journey diamond necklace with a box chain. I was wondering if I could get my box chain rhodium dipped as well as the pendant?

It said in earlier posts you could with necklaces but I just wanted to make sure that included the chain. Many thanks in advance. Hi, Nellie. Although anything can theoretically be rhodium plated, there are several issues.

First, as the rhodium wears thin, it will be much more noticeable earlier on yellow gold than on white White Gold - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles . Second, it's a question of the amount of wear; the plating won't last long on a ring but will last a very long time on a rarely worn brooch.

Third is the practicality of plating the item; electrical contact is required for plating to occur; the jeweler must stretch the chain out for plating or hang it and jiggle it to make sure each link has contact, and this may make it uneconomical since most jewelers do the plating in a teacup sized plating cell.

Hi, I'm considering a 's rhodium plated yellow gold ring as my engagement ring. It looks white, how do I know if this is original plating and what quality the plating is? Is there anything else I should consider with this purchase. Kind Regards, Rowan. I would like to use my mother's engagement ring, however, it is yellow gold and prefer the look of white gold.


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