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Do you write sex stories or Peng! (Over-Cashed-Version) - Bela B., Peta Devlin, Smokestack Lightnin - Im Klub texts? Register here to post. Posted Sun 28th of October Report. Introduction: She rear end me - she had to pay. It all started on the drive to work.

It was just before 9am. I had missed Rehab (Pete Mitchell 2006) - Amy Winehouse - At The BBC (DVD, Album) the traffic on the beltway.

I took the first exit. Then down some side streets. I was using a short cut to get to work faster. I was hoping my Friday would fly by. Then I could go out tonight. It had been a few weeks since I got out. I took a sip of my Coke. Before I slowed down at the next intersection. I was looking out the side window. I was minding my own business.

Sitting in my big SUV I quickly moved my hand off the radio dial. It hurt. Along with my neck. I was getting a small headache. I looked around. Had I just been 木马屠城记 / Mu Ma Tu Cheng Ji - Cyndi Wang - Honey What did that to me?

I looked in the rear view mirror. I could see a small green minivan behind me. I quickly checked myself. Nothing felt bruised. I open my driver side door. I put one foot down. Then another. I was Tiny Points Of Sound - Daniel Triana - Snap Shots And Short Stories back to the green minivan.

I turned my head to look at the back of my SUV. There was a small scratch. Nothing to bad. I guess I lucked out. I then turned my attention to what hit me.

Being almost 6ft 4 and full of muscles. I could be kind of intimidating. I was wearing a new blue pinstripe suit. I put my yellow tie back inside my sport coat. I looked down to see my black leather shoes were Ok. I then started to walk across the intersection. There were no other cars or people in the street.

I looked around at the near by houses. No one had come out to see the accident. I then fixed my eyes on the windshield of the green minivan. There was some white liquid on the inside. It was dripping down from the glass, onto the steering wheel. I then ran to the driver side. The driver side window was up. There was a white substance dripping on the inside of the window.

Had the minivan airbag exploded into a million pieces. Who was inside? I couldn't really see inside the minivan. I reached down to open the driver side door. My mouth dropped open. There was a very voluptuous woman behind the wheel. She was maybe 5ft 7inches tall. She had long platinum blonde hair down passed her shoulders. She was wearing a oversize man's white button down shirt. She had half the button's open.

I could see a small white nursing bra trying to contain her huge breast. Her left nipple was out of the small worn out hole. Her nipple was huge.

It was dark red and swollen. There were tiny pumps on her huge nipple. I could see a small amount of white milk on her nipple. Had she been breast feeding?

I looked down inside the minivan. She was wearing a long black skirt, down to her ankles. She was wearing simple black low cut shoes. I could not see a baby. I looked in the back seat. There were no child seat. Are you Ok? She was unconscious. I could see, she was still breathing. Her large breast moved against the steering wheel. Tiny Points Of Sound - Daniel Triana - Snap Shots And Short Stories was big in all the right spots.

I quickly ran around the passenger side. I open the door. She had a big black purse on the passenger seat. I looked down on the ground. Just on top of the floor mat. Was a small baby bottle.

It was half full. Some small droplets of breast milk, dripped out the top. I could now smell breast milk in the minivan. I leaned over the front seat. I looked on the floor of the back seat. I could see a small breast pump sitting there. It was still on. It was sucking air and spitting out milk in the back seat. My mouth fell open. I turned my head. I guess the woman driving.

Was using her breast pump.


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