Download Third Electric - Tele-Funken / Magneto Phon

All listed radios etc. With Herr Bauer's wise guidance, I was able to route the exsisting belts correctly. Unfortunately, the main drive belt is stretched a bit too much and frequently jumps off of the pulleys. There may be a way to adjust the tension, but I do not see it.

Does anyone know how to do this? If there is no tension adjustment, does anyone have a source for replacement belts for this tape player?

Please check my details. You should still get in good radio-workshops. Regards W B. In the late s we "repaired" stretched or snapped belts, or made smaller replacements out of larger ones by cutting with a scalpel or craft knife and joining the ends with superglue Cyanoacrylate.

This kind of glue actually works Third Electric - Tele-Funken / Magneto Phon with synthetic rubbers and elastomers than other materials, and other kinds of glue "peel off". I first attempted the superglue method, but didn't have any lasting success.

My repairs would only hold for less than an hour of play. After readin Herr Bauer's comment, I 'googled' for German shops advertising reel-to-reel repair parts and found a shop that carried the correct belts.

It now plays beautifully. The superglue method does need practice and very thin application, then holding the ends together with just the "right" pressure for a few minutes.

If the belt is too tight, or joint subject to shearing forces, then the glue fails. Unknown Artist - Disque Test gel kind or kinds for glass have additives that are bad Canzone (Spanish Get-Far Radio Edit) - Lucio Dalla - Canzone (Remix) this application.

I should have mentioned in my reply that I was certain that my lack of success was due to inexperience and poor application rather than any failure of the technique. I recently purchased a Telefunken Magnetophon It's in great condition except that the belts needed changing.

Unable to find a local supplier, I used O-rings for belts instead. They seem to work fine except the belt responsible for changing the tape speed jumps off the small pulley when changing to a slower speed. I cannot read German and I can't seem to find a service manual that's in English.

Does a service manual exist in English? Third Electric - Tele-Funken / Magneto Phon , there are two pulley sizes on the motor. I am guessing this is to compensate for 50 or 60 Hz power line frequency. Since I am in Canada, I placed the belt over the smaller sized pulley since the motor will spin faster on 60Hz than 50Hz. Please let me know if this is correct.

Any comments or suggestions would greatly be appreciated since I really want to get this beautiful piece of equipment working again. Unfortunately only in German. Maybe it will help further. Thanks Wolfgang. I think I can decipher the German and figure out what's going on. Take care! Does anyone have a belt diagram for this tape deck?

Mine Third Electric - Tele-Funken / Magneto Phon a rattle that makes me think the belts are not routed correctly. Or perhaps the tension is out of adjustment. When I attempt to fast forward a tape, the belts come off of the pullies. I could also use some advise on that topic as well! I've loaded the necessary documents to the model Magnetopon MTS.

I think that Third Electric - Tele-Funken / Magneto Phon construction are identical. Best wishes W B. This is exactly the information I am looking for.

I see several adjustments on these diagrams that I did not notice by looking over the unit. Hoepfully the drive belt is not too damaged from repeatedly jumping off of the pullies! I have several 'new' tapes that I realy want to listen to, so thank you again for pointing me to these schematics!

Google Translate:. Use red slider bar for more. Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for download. Collection of Gerhard Weiss D.

Collection of Georges Van Campenhout B. Collection of Dimitrios Karatasios GR. Collection of Kent Johansson S. Magnetophon 好膽你就來 - 阿密特* - Amit Problem. Vielen Dank! Telefunken: Magnetophon M End of forum contributions about this model. Einige Halbleitertypen mehrfach vorhanden.

Es gibt einen Ersatzmotor von Telefunken. Thank you, Bob. This is equally applicable to most of my meager Third Electric - Tele-Funken / Magneto Phon concerning radio repair!

Ha ha! Todd Urness. Attachments Belt speed setting 85 KB. Thank you! Vielen Dank Wolfgang, This is exactly the information I am looking for. All the Best, Bob.


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