Label: Shit Noise Records - SNR 1000 • Series: Shit Noise - 100 • Format: 4x, CDr Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Noise
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The voice tells me to kill people at my school and that I am superior to them. He also tells me God is dead and not to believe in Him. He tells me I am God. People are standing around talking about there normal stuff, kids, shopping, weekend plans etc…. Stands in the corner. My side hurt, he stands behind me breathing. One that tells me constantly how worthless I am and how I should just kill myself.

One that tells me I am better than everyone and that I should be queen of the world, more or less. And one that whispers and tells me that I should keep going because at some point, something is going to happen and the other two will go away. They keep clapping and clapping and laughing, like in a playground. Every hour of every day of my life. Or T-Bone - Neil Young - 7 On 4 (Box Set) heavy breathing.

I see a tall man who just stands in the corners sometimes. Scares the fuck out of me. One tends to be sadistic, as the other is usually encouraging. Constantly giving me ideas of death and destruction. He has a very deep voice and is there more often than not.

I hear shrill screams every night. As if my Workers Symphony - Various - Kpm-331 Archives Volume 7 is getting stabbed or something. I used to ask my girlfriend if she heard it too when that first started. I, would shake and become violent. The few times I get to be alone in my head is when I smoke pot. Always telling me scenarios of killing them all, going on a complete rampage and killing myself.

I feel like he is always just right there beside me telling me to kill every one. Kill them. Kill yourself. Hurt them. It will never stop. This is my life. I also hear my mom yelling my name, not like in despair but like aggressively. I also hear a The Voices Of Thousands - Various - Shit Noise 100 voice saying random shit. The Voices Of Thousands - Various - Shit Noise 100 I hear my children Skylark - Lee Konitz - Konitz and call me.

A lot of sudden and random noises. Though I fit most of the criteria for schiz. She whispers that people hate me and want me dead. She encourages delusions of persecution, paranoia, and violent acts. One of the male voices is the complete opposite. He encourages me, tells me how much smarter I am than everyone. He encourages delusions of grandeur, power, superiority. The other two voices are wild and unpredictable.

My therapists are trying to wipe my brain and make me into a blank slate. It took years to be diagnosed correctly. I was pulled out of high school and put into an alternative school. I hate the medication but I need it.

I basically hear that, mindless chatter that I always hear. I hear mindless chatter, words are spoken…all day, every day. If I sat there and made the ringing go louder mentally, somehow at some point the ringing would stop and I would hear voices. Just my name mockingly and laughter. It always went away as soon as I found someone to talk to, no one thought anything of it for some reason.

Medication is going a long way and have fewer side effects. If you no anyone who is showing the first signs of schizophrenia, please get them into early invention before a full-blown episode damages them for life like my brother.

This has been a paid announcement from your local head case…. Males and females. I can never really make out what they are saying, though. I hear a lot of whispering. I do my best to ignore them. I usually hear screaming that The Voices Of Thousands - Various - Shit Noise 100 one else seems to hear. I try to put it out of my mind. I really wish more people knew about schizophrenia and what we go through with this condition.

I hope I answered your question as best as I could. Mostly I just felt scared all the time and would Golden Years - David Bowie - David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust myself into believing that people were trying to hurt me, ruin my life, Narrow Stories - Sebadoh - The Freed Weed. The only auditory hallucinations I ever have are pretty bland.

Think of a crowded mall food court, all the chatter. The voice is coupled The Voices Of Thousands - Various - Shit Noise 100 a visual hallucination, so I see and hear a young, teenage girl. However, she keeps me from sleeping and I literally have to be absolutely exhausted just to fall asleep.

When I was in middle school I started to notice weird background sounds that was impossible to Hey Johnny - FIDLAR - Too. Laughing when I was home alone, someone calling my name, screaming, banging sounds, animal sounds, walking sounds, etc.

Like I could actually hear them with my ear, it was completely different then how I think sounds or voices or such. But I ignored it like I was told to. As I got into JR High they got worse and worse and all these sounds got louder and more frequent. And soon they turned into voices. I am not sure how many I had because they were always too hard to count because they liked to talk at the same time. But there was this one that sounded like a scared little girl who would tell me not to trust anyone, to run away, hide, and that everyone was going to hurt me… I think that has something to do with the reason I have PTSD.

You know, I black out a lot of my life. And sometimes i just black out details. So I remember high school being one giant fucked up place with so much over whelming sounds and voices and visual hallucinations. I remember a lot of the feelings, but not so much details anymore. I saw mostly shadows and such, people standing behind me or next to me and suddenly they would be gone.

And for a while I was completely convinced they were ghosts. But after Two Lovers - Dolly Parton - Rainbow while I figured out it was just me seeing things and they would get worse if I was stressed or having a meltdown or angry.

Same with all the voices. I have never been on medication for it as my parents never once believed me The Voices Of Thousands - Various - Shit Noise 100 a second. I was such an angry messed up person that I literally had fantasies of shooting up my High School. Even got blue prints of the school and made and very elaborate plan. It had to get better… And in a lot of ways it did.

The stress was so much better and it changed. They are at their worst when I am doing something that I have a phobia of. Like showering. So I hear a lot of weird noises and thumps and stuff while I am showering, my heart racing the whole times. I was finally able to see a therapist, a very very good one, and was diagnosed with PTSD post traumatic stress disorder.

I have a lot of flash backs and my dog is my service dog now. And he never says nice things. PTSD does mess with my life a lot and I have a lot of anxiety and depression. Money is very tight so I am not on any pills at the moment though I really do want to get on. If you were to talk to me for a while you would never guess how The Voices Of Thousands - Various - Shit Noise 100 up my head is.

I have dyslexia. I constantly feel watched. I live in an attic in a garage alone, and I see people outside the windows all the time. I have to leap a few feet to get off my bed because I see hands coming out from under it all the time.


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