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It is often considered the best rock song and widely regarded by many the greatest song of Joy To The World - Anne Murray : The London Symphony OrchestraAmbrosian Singers* - The Season Wil time. The song has three sections, each one progressively increasing in tempo and volume. The song begins in a slow tempo with acoustic instruments guitar and recorders before introducing electric instruments.

The final section is an uptempo hard rock arrangement highlighted by Page's intricate guitar solo considered by many to be one of the greatest ever [3] accompanying Plant's vocals that end with the plaintive a cappella line: "And she's buying a stairway to heaven. It was the most requested song on FM radio stations in the United States in the s, despite never having been commercially released as a single there.

According to Page, he wrote the music "over a long period, the first part coming at Bron-Yr-Aur one night". The first attempts at lyrics, written by Robert Plant next to an evening log fire at Headley Grange, were partly spontaneously improvised and Page claimed, "a huge percentage of Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Rock Carnival lyrics were written there and then".

The band's record label, Atlantic Records was keen to issue this track as a single, but the band's manager Peter Grant refused requests to do so in both and This led many people to buy the fourth album as if it were the single. Plant sings the opening, middle and epilogue sections in his mid vocal range, but sings the hard rock section in his higher range which borders on falsetto. John Paul Jones contributed overdubbed wooden bass recorders in the opening section he used a Mellotron and, later, a Yamaha CP70B Grand Piano and Yamaha GX1 to synthesise this arrangement in live performances [15] and a Hohner Electra-Piano electric piano in the middle section.

The sections build with more guitar layers, each complementary to the intro, with the drums entering at The extended Jimmy Page guitar solo in the song's final section was played for the recording on a Fender Telecaster given to him by Jeff Beck an instrument he used extensively with the Yardbirds [15] plugged into a Supro amplifier[16] although in an interview he gave to Guitar World magazine, Page also claimed, "It could have been a Marshallbut I can't remember".

Page later revealed, "I did have the first phrase worked out, and then there was the link phrase. I did check them out beforehand before the tape ran. Another interesting aspect of the song is the timing of the lead-up to the famous guitar solo. This makes the rhythm figure challenging for some musicians, but adds a feeling of anticipation to the approaching guitar solo. Jimmy Page has likened the song to a sonic orgasm. Over the years, some people have considered that the song's opening guitar arpeggios bear a close resemblance to the instrumental " Taurus " by the Los Angeles-based rock band Spiritwritten by Spirit guitarist Randy California.

I know Led Zeppelin also played 'Fresh Garbage' in their live set. They opened up for us on their first American tour. In MaySpirit bassist Mark Andes and a trust acting on behalf of California filed a copyright infringement suit against Led Zeppelin and injunction against the "release of the album containing the song" in an attempt to obtain a writing credit for California, who died in It will be nice if Randy got the credit. On 11 AprilLos Angeles Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Rock Carnival judge Gary Klausner ruled that there were enough similarities between the song and the instrumental for a jury to decide the claim, and a trial was scheduled for 10 May.

The copyright infringement action was brought by Michael Skidmore, a trustee for the late guitarist, whose legal name was Randy Wolfe. District Court for the Central District of California for a new trial on several evidentiary and procedural issues. A Bloomberg Businessweek article shortly after that decision Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Rock Carnival that a Ninth Circuit judge's interpretation of the laws implied that key elements of many classic rock songs, including "Stairway", that were recorded prior to were not protected by copyright to begin with.

The panel declared that the scope of copyright for those songs is limited to what was included in the deposit copy of the song's sheet music provided to the Copyright Office S.M. Wolf - The Awful Spring (Lathe Cut) at trial Page had testified that the deposit copy included neither the intro that was under dispute nor his guitar solo.

Bloomberg reporter Vernon Silver found that the deposit copies of other classic rock songs from that era, such as " Hotel California ", " Born to Run " and " Free Bird ", include only the song's basic chords, lyrics and melody, without any solos or other distinctive musical touches.

Copyright law experts could not say whether or not those elements are copyrighted or not; Led Zeppelin's lawyers have argued they are even if not included in the deposit copy.

Silver made an electronic mashup of several of these elements from different songs and included it with the Fäulnis - Yacøpsæ - Tanz, Grosny, Tanz. The Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket - In A Dutch Haze public performance of the song took place at Belfast 's Ulster Hall on 5 March The world radio premiere of "Stairway to Heaven" was recorded at the Paris Cinema on 1 Aprilin front of a live studio audience, and broadcast three days later on the BBC.

The band's final performance of the song was in Berlin on 7 Julywhich was also their last concert until 10 December at London's O2 Arena; the version was the longest, lasting almost 15 minutes, including a seven-minute guitar solo. When playing the song Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Rock Carnival , the band would often extend it to over 10 minutes, with Page playing Jubilee - Various - The Best Of British Jazz extended guitar solo and Plant adding a number of lyrical Evidence - Dalichar & O.E.A.

- Première Main, such as "Does anybody remember laughter? For performing this song live, Page used a Gibson EDS double neck guitar so he would not have to pause when switching from a six to a string guitar.

Bythe song had a regular place as the finale of every Led Zeppelin concert. However, after their concert tour of the United States inPlant began to tire of "Stairway to Heaven": "There's only so many Play The Game - Queen - The Game you can sing it and mean it It just became sanctimonious. The song was played again by the surviving members of Led Zeppelin at the Live Aid concert in ; [15] at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert inwith Jason Bonham on drums; [39] and by Jimmy Page as an instrumental version on his solo tours.

The first few bars were played alone during Page and Plant tours in lieu of the final notes of " Babe I'm Gonna Leave You ", and in November Page and Plant Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Rock Carnival an acoustic version of the song at a Tokyo news station for Japanese television. Plant cites the most unusual performance of the song ever as being that performed at Live Aid: "with two drummers Phil Collins and Tony Thompson while Duran Duran cried at the side of the stage — there was something quite surreal about that.

There are also hundreds of audio versions which can be found on unofficial Led Zeppelin bootleg recordings. But I knew it was the gem of the album, sure. Petersburg, Florida station kicked off its all-Led Zeppelin format by playing "Stairway to Heaven" for 24 hours straight. Jimmy Page told Rolling Stone in"We were careful to never release it as a single ," [45] which forced buyers to buy the entire album. Other "single" appearances were on an Australian EP, and in as an added bonus with a 20th anniversary promo book.

The group's recording of this song also appeared as the sole Led Zeppelin track in the Atlantic Records two-LP promotional sampler album We've Got Your Musicmarking the first time that Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" made its official debut appearance in an American-released various artists compilation collection. Jimmy Page didn't actually write it until he was twenty-two. I think that says quite a lot.

Plant was station-surfing in a rental car he was driving to the Oregon Coast after a solo performance in Portland and was impressed with the non-mainstream music the station presented. Later asked "why? In a January television program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network hosted by Paul Crouchit was claimed that hidden messages were contained in many popular rock songs through a technique called backmasking.

One example of such hidden messages that was prominently cited was in "Stairway to Heaven". Following the claims made in the television program, California assemblyman Phil Wyman proposed a state law that would require warning labels on records containing backward masking.

In April Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Rock Carnival , the Consumer Protection and Toxic Materials Committee of the California State Assembly held a hearing on backward masking in popular music, during which "Stairway to Heaven" was played backward.

During the hearing, William Yarroll, a self-described "neuroscientific researcher", claimed that backward messages could be deciphered by the human brain. The band itself has Tsuyoshi Kon - Studio Cat the most part ignored such claims. In response to the allegations, Swan Song Records issued the statement: "Our turntables only play in one direction—forwards. Why would they want to spend so much studio time doing something so dumb?

This version runswhile the original version runs The only charting version of "Stairway to Heaven" was released in late by the British band Far Corporation. It was the first single from their debut album, Division One. Their rendition became an international Top 20 hit, reaching number eight in the United Kingdom and number nine in Ireland. From Wikipedia, the Jerkin Back And 4th - Tabaltix - Sex, Pugs And Rock N Roll encyclopedia.

This article is about the song by Led Zeppelin. For other uses, see Stairway to Heaven disambiguation. Retrieved 24 November Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 1 June Rolling Stone Retrieved 15 January MOJOp. Guitar Worldp. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 5 July The prog-rock epic is one of three Led Zep songs to make it into the top ten in a listeners' poll conducted by radio station Absolute Classic Rock.

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