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Privacy Terms. Ableton Forum. Quick links. I got some responses but due to work I failed to update the thread. I'm still having this issue. It's a simple one, I'm sure you more advanced users can quickly fix this for me. I'm working on a track.

Now I have a bass sound that is a. It's a one pitch, one tone reversed bass sound I like. However, what I want to do is Silly Hats Only - Various - LTC Sampler Volume 2 (File) this sound and turn it into midi so I can pitch it up and down to make a proper bassline for my song.

How do I do this? First thing I do is load up Simpler and Sampler. I drop my audio file into both and while the root note sounds the same as the original file, if I play it in a lower note on my midi keyboard it sounds detuned as expected but also slowed down slightly.

Same goes for if I play a higher note on my midi controller, it sounds uptuned as expected but faster. This is not what I want, as in context to the song it doesn't sound right. All I am doing is dropping my. My question is I Silly Hats Only - Various - LTC Sampler Volume 2 (File) it's a pain to have multiple threads of the same question open. Re: Transposing. I would warp Silly Hats Only - Various - LTC Sampler Volume 2 (File) note in an audio clip.

In midi screen, map the clip to a range of key press the bottom key, keep it pressed whil you press the top key. It will make a playable clip. Next step or as a replacement if you don't have any midi keyboardyou could resample each pitched note and drag them in a sampler. MacBook Pro 13" Retina i7 2. Is the problem reoccurring because I'm not warping it? So every pitch I want to transpose the audio file to I have to warp it?

Kidding aside, simpler and sampler don't stretch audio and don't use any warping algorithm. Resample and make a drum rack or a sampler containing as many pitched notes as you would want to use. If your bass sample has any effect, phase, pulsing etc then yes, when you picth down it will play the sample slower to make it lower. As fou said, that's how it "works" If you decide to do the warping rout to try and make it stay the same speed at different pitches pitch shifting it you may find it loses its punch.

It would be easier to try and recreate your bassline in a synth instrument that takes care of the rest Silly Hats Only - Various - LTC Sampler Volume 2 (File) have fun in the process whatever you choose to do. Sorry I take so long to respond Any way I'm still a little confused here What exactly should I do to transpose the audio clip?

I've got it Hunger - Gary Numan - Metal Rhythm a simple channel of it's own, when I Ya Never Know - Disciples Of Discipline - Ya Never Know on the clip and go to the "sample" section on the bottom left, transposing it there doesn't make it sound proper.

Also, I really don't want to be doing it this way to begin with. Is there really no way to make this audio clip a midi track in a sense, this way I can just play various pitches of the clip with my midi keyboard? You can do a surprising Silly Hats Only - Various - LTC Sampler Volume 2 (File) of things utilizing this method.

As for time vs sound quality, even with a decent sampler, the retain meant of quality is mostly just an illusion. To keep a decent sound quality in a clip, change the warping algorithm to something suitable to your tone. It might take a few different tries and adjustments. To 'play' the loop, you can assign a keyboard range to the Audio Clip in Session View.

Then each key you press will transpose the bass note in relation to its original tone. If you don't want to constantly retrigger the clip, change it to Legato, also if you want 'instant' pitch change, Or quantized, change the quantization for the specific clip. If you only want the clip to Start when you hit a key, and stop when you let go, change the launch settings.

You can do a lot with a sample as a clip. You just can't do polyphony. I'm trying to make this simple major key bass line. C, E and G are the notes I'm trying to play, in no particular order. The audio clip itself is a C note, so I've got that covered, now all I'm trying to do is transpose it to an E and a G.

I'd really prefer to turn the clip itself into some form of midi track so I can have all 3 notes in one channel, rather than 3 different audio clips for each Annemarie - Die Lustigen Akkordeon Jungens - 28 Akkordeon-Trümpfe Teil 2 note Unless I'm thinking about this the wrong way?

As for your second suggestion, assigning a keyboard range to the clip? I did a little research into that Kudos to whoever is being patient enough to continue Born With No Conscience - Silicon Dick - Chili Con Dick me out.

I really appreciate it. I'm sure I'll figure this out somehow, it's just Bass, Beats & Melody (Club Mix) - Brooklyn Bounce - Bass, Beats & Melody to have some help and advice along the way.

It really seems like a silly issue for such a powerful program to have. I view Live as this big powerful program meant for live production as well as studio, I'd imagine they meant for the users to be working mostly in audio format, and to not have a way to easily transpose audio like you can midi?

Seems rather silly. Or perhaps I'm the silly one for not knowing how to do it yet? While holding C press G. There sill be a C to G label on top of the clip in Session View. Exit mapping mode. That should at least transpose the clip to the same notes you press on your keyboard from C to G. As for the noise, you might have a multichannel keyboard and then, anything unmapped would play tones through either your armed tracks, or possibly some random midi output you aren't aware of.

Make sure that this mapping is directly On the clip in Session View. Btw, which warp mode are you currently using?? This would explain the piano sound. Go to the preferences and try to fix that! Board index All times are UTC.


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