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Shame is absolutely one of the lowest vibrational states in existence, it's power to paralyze is paralleled to none. Shame may seem like something that merely controls people on an individual level. It may seem it has nothing to do with our society as a whole. Because shame is something we feel so personally, it's hard to see it for the tool of control and manipulation that it is. It is hard to see how it is used by the government, society, and major corporations as a means to keep us quiet, obedient, unquestioning, and consuming.

Sure, it may seem like I am over reaching here, but how else can you Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal an entire nation of people who don't even question going into endless wars with people who we do not even hate? How is it that several generations have bought into the idea that government is always right no matter how much it serves to strip us of our peace and prosperity?

How did we become a nation that was once willing to give up everything we had for our freedoms, yet we now hand over our liberties and freedoms at even the slightest hint of a "threat"? How is it that we have created an entire generation that is losing its individuality and diversity? Everyone is to have the same values, the same morals, believe the same about historical events and how they went down, students are poured into public education where rooms full of children are taught the exact same things interpreted the exact same way.

No questions please. We have nation whose houses were once filled with talks of political revolution, world events, religion, love, and philosophy, and now those same homes are filled with their new generational counterparts, where speaking of such things is "rude" and one should instead talk about the shoes they want and where they are going for vacation. This did not happen overnight, but through a very gradual slope of shaming those who question and stand out in any way, and a very gradual slope of shaming the very things that keep a nation and peaceful world running.

I'd like you to take note of these various forms of shame and you will see, it's no "wild theory", but something that happens to us constantly, every single day of our lives.

Let's begin with the media, and you can see for yourself how this slow yet consistent shaming has served to completely destroy the culture and diversity of our nation. One of the first ways the media serves to shame you is through fashion and and idealized vision of what "beauty" is.

If one is ashamed of their own self image, it is far less likely they will feel as though they are even a capable or a worthy enough tool for creating change in the world. Fashion is the perfect tool for shame, it changes every season and is completely subjective so there's no way to argue.

If you are out of date you are no longer "cool and hip" but outdated and "stupid". So incase you were wondering To prove it, we will bombard you with thousands of images a day of ridiculously good looking people wearing clothes that are better than yours.

Want some nikes? Are you going to the sale at Macys? Are you really going to let your friends at school Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal fun of your jeans? Of course not! What's a few dollars if it can help avoid public humiliation and who knows, maybe even make people like you? Ok, so now that we have established your clothes suck, it's time to let you know you are also fat. You think you are in good shape and your doctor tells you are within a healthy weight range?

You're still fat. So, now that your shirt is stupid and you are fat, it's time to tell you how ugly you are. I know Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal husband tells you, you are pretty, and when you go out into the "real world" it actually seems like you are downright attractive, but you are just comparing yourself to other ugly people.

Beauty only exists in. They have perfect symmetry and lives and somehow these. You don't look like that. You are ugly. So, now that you are ugly, fat, and your clothes suck, what was your opinion on our education system again? What was that philosophical stuff you were saying earlier?

You actually think as a fat, ugly, stupid person you have the right to an opinion? You should be way too ashamed of how you look to worry about things like having an opinion, please leave that to the prettier more qualified people, K thanks. You can say this is an exaggeration, but its not. As long as they don't try anything, as long as they never put themselves out there, as long as they never form long developed opinions on issues, there's nothing to criticize, they hold the "moral high ground" and are the "perfect" people who pass judgement on those who are actually in the ring, being present to the world, and living a life.

It is much easier to criticize someone else's work, to sit back and say "you could do something, if you put your mind to it" than to actually do it, As long as you never put forth effort you can still live under the umbrella of illusion that were you to ever put forth effort, YOUR work, your thoughts and your appearance would be perfect. So now that the media has you educated on your terrible wardrobe and fat ugliness, its time to make sure you stay down, waaay down. It's time for us to make sure you Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal most of your spare time watching garbage, when Baby, Its Cold Outside - Henry Mancini, His Orchestra And Chorus* - Henry Mancini Presents The Acad flips through the channel they are given choices between reality sitcoms and base entertainment that makes us feel ashamed just for watching it.

At the same time we subconsciously know we are wasting our time filling our heads with fluff and garbage and the details of someone else's life that we will never meet. Have you ever gotten up from watching the television and had a slight "guilty" feeling for wasting 30 minutes of your life, watching something you cant even believe you were bored enough to sit through?

You have? Wow, not only do your clothes suck, but you are fat, ugly, AND wasting your life?. What were you saying about our currency again? Being accepted by those around us is an important part of the human experience. We want the people around us to like us, "get" what we are saying and Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal what we mean, relate to us, and likewise share their thoughts and experiences.

So what better way to do this than to assume anyone who disagrees with you hates you, shun anyone who says something you find "rude" and ensure anyone with a novel idea feels ashamed, humiliated, and stupid. Oh also, the sex tapes, don't forget the sex Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal . Natalie of the Dixie Chicks dared to utter the scandalous words "I'm ashamed to say George Bush is from Texas" as we were entering the Iraq war.

A public figure sharing her genuine feelings about a knee jerk war that would end countless lives and cost Americans trillions of dollars? Wow, that's kind of cool, I'm sure a very thought provoking dialog on the issue among-st the American public ensued. Calls flooded into radio stations demanding the heathen woman be removed from the air. Callers said very mature things like "We should strap Natalie to a bomb and blow her up over Iraq" There were public Dixie Chicks CD burnings where hundreds of people gathered to crush her C.

She was publicly chastised, ridiculed,called a Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal and a whore. The message was clear, sure you can say your true thoughts about the administration if you really want to, but prepare to be destroyed. To see such hate hurled toward a woman for merely expressing her opinion taught everyone that such an opinion Groupe N Etale - Francois Landry - Planete Rouge NOT ok to have.

Who needs to have a government enforcing censorship? Instead we can use an education system that teaches children from a young age that anyone who expresses politically incorrect opinion is an evil American hating monster, and get the people to mute the voices of dissent themselves like a bunch of programmed psychopathic zombies. She was asked by one of the judges to express her personal What Is The Deal - Main Street - Main Street on the legalization of gay marriage Gegia - Gegia Clown America.

Miss Prejean answered the question with grace and tact saying that she thought it was great we lived in a country where people could choose, but in her personal opinion marriage should be between a man and a woman.

A thoughtful dialog ensued over cups of tea, some saying they agreed with her response, while others said they disagreed and explanations were given as to why. Everyone respected her right to her own opinion, thanked her for her honesty and continued to treat her like a human being with basic dignity and respect.

Twitter went wild with people calling her bigoted, and an idiot. Her worth as a person was minimized as men wrote that the drop dead gorgeous blond was "ugly" and "not that hot anyway" The judged who had asked her for her opinion went on a viral rampage on the audacity of her to honestly answer the question.

She was called a whore, a slut, a cunt, hateful, and a hypocrite. She was stripped from her title as Miss. California, and a sex tape was leaked of her to prove that she wasn't really a good conservative girl but a dirty whore who dared to have an intimate relationship with her boyfriend.

Intimate details of her life were analyzed and broadcasted on national news. All this, literally for answering a question. She never once said she was "perfect" never once claimed to be a saint, never once even told people how to live their lives, just simply expressed the opinion she was asked to give.

Again, the message was clear. Fall in line with this agenda, agree with the politically correct Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal on this issue or be crucified. You are a christian? You have conservative views? You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed of who you are, what you believe, shutup, and think about what you've done. Isn't it great to have a choice? At some point in our society, it became the assumption that "if you disagree with me, it means you hate me.

Topics of any weight are now riddled with anxiety and it simply does not even seem worth it to express your thoughts or exchange ideas, and the result is Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal don't. Instead we talk about football, and shoes or we discuss the "heavy issues" in a very superficial way without really delving deep 99 Luftballons - Nena - Definitive Collection - Best Of The Best really saying much of anything, and as a result nothing much gets said.

If you are against a war you are told to support, you should be ashamed, you American hating bastard. If you are a christian you should be ashamed for your bigoted disgusting intolerant world view, If you still support gun rights you are a Another Tragedy In A German Sleeping Room - The Unwanted - Striking Back! domestic terrorist who is more than likely a closet homicidal maniac.

Anything beyond milk toast pseudo "controversial statements like " I respect all religions" and " I respect my president" and "let's all volunteer together and sing kumbaya" "I stand for hope and change" is to be shunned and shamed as hate speech. Our society is now built on a basis of never speaking beyond broad generalities, a society that avoids discussing what these statements actually mean, and what the execution of ideas like "peace" and "diversity" really look like. This is shutting down discourse, shutting down diversity, and the end result is Justin Bieber.

Truly, what our society upholds is figures who really don't talk about anything, are milk toast, and make us think "controversial topics" are "what team are you supporting? Do you agree Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal twerking?

Just because Ajde Jano - Various - Oj Golube - Najlepše Tradicionalne Pesme is the "popular" opinion does not mean it is right by any means. Hitler was voted man of the year by Time Magazine during his reign. He was widely supported and praised. Those who dissented were viewed as unpatriotic cowards.

Natalie of the Dixie chicks was crucified for expressing her disdain with our invasion of the middle east, yet we would all be much better off now, if we had just listened and allowed people the freedom to express ideas and discuss the issues without getting death threats.

As in the case of Carrie Prejean, your past will be used against you. People will bring up that guy you kissed for 12 seconds in the 8th grade, the fact you got fired from a job 3 years ago however they will forget to mention you Shame On You - Various - Power Of Metal got hired at a much better job They will use past opinions against you because we all know human beings NEVER change their opinions or beliefs.


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