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It's a privilege to be here tonight and enjoying Samantha Jones - He Moves Me / One More Mountain wonderful musical feast, enjoying these songs when they're sang with real enthusiasm.

I was watching Jimmy; I believe it is, and if we could just be as enthused about all the things of God in our own life as Jimmy is in the emotion of them singing, we would get somewhere. I really appreciate that boy, his father, our good friend. I want to ask a question. Is that the same? I have tried everywhere to find that song. In my dark hours of trials, I've tried to think that, "I'd like to talk it over. I hope. Have you got it on a record?

And if it is, I want it. And I've tried to think that. I think that, "He'll love me when my path was so dim. And I--I certainly enjoyed that beautiful song of Zion. I think that's right, if I didn't misunderstand it, two o'clock next Sunday. So you like this kind of singing, why, they'll be over there to sing for us again.

We ought to carry them down to Tucson tomorrow night and let them sing down there. I--I'm sure it'd be a blessing to the people. Now, tomorrow night is the Tucson chapter. We're going to The Consul At Sunset - Jack Bruce - The Best Of Jack Bruce at the Ramada Inn tomorrow night down in Tucson, which you all understand that Phoenix is merely the outskirts of Tucson.

We're certainly glad to have you all as fellow citizens of our great economy of Arizona. Now, we're on the hill; you're in the valley; so, remember, about two thousand feet higher than you are. You see? So this outskirts of the city, we're certainly glad to be here fellowshipping with you tonight. So remember tomorrow night and the main spot of Arizona will be the--the chapter's banquet.

And then the next night we're here at, I forget the name of the church now; it's Southside Assembly. And then Thursday O Amor E Eu - Leila Pinheiro E Eduardo Gudin - Pra Iluminar the convention.

And the Lord has certainly blessed us exceedingly, abundantly, more than I expected Him to do. The places have been crowded Klingsor - Various - Magick/Wicca/Witchcraft. Swamptape 03 packed into the yards, and the people standing, and a great fellowship around the Word.

The ministers has visit. I've noticed the pastor, Brother Outlaw, I've seen him in every service we've had, far as I can think of.

And others have just come from one church to another. That's the way to do it; I like that, fellowshipping one with another. So we're I'm glad, looking out over the audience tonight, seeing friends here that I haven't seen before, that's come all the way from Kentucky and Indiana, around up in Ohio, setting around here, visit us. We're certainly glad to have them in tonight. Maybe been in the other meetings, Αγάπη Μου - Πάνος Μαρίνος - Ένα Κ Ένα at larger buildings, and just haven't noticed you.

So the Lord bless you real richly. I've got to drive the family back tonight, and we're to be ready for the meeting tomorrow in Tucson, so we're going down tonight after service. That's just about a hundred and twenty-five miles, and a long stretch of desert, and I'm sleepy and tired, so I will try to let you out.

And now, I said this morning, that as I brought that prophet to the top of the hill, I That was last night, wasn't it?

And this morning we was speaking on something else. But I don't mind you being late for the--for your work, and I don't mind you miss a day now and then, but don't miss Sunday school See?

I want to say just before that to this lovely little choir, these children of God, I certainly appreciate them, their fine singing. And Brother Moore slipped out on me. I was going to turn this service to him. But he--he slipped out. I just see his lovely wife setting here. So let's bow our heads now for a word of prayer. And above all that You have given us, that Eternal Life stands out, for we know that we shall meet again; no more on this earth, in the earth that is to come.

Now, bless Thy Word tonight. And we thank You for how You have blessed the singing. I pray, Father, that You'll continue to bless the singing, the songs and the singers, the pastor of this church, its co-pastors, and also the deacons, trustees, and all that it stands for. Bless them, Father. We pray that You'll bless the Message tonight, these few words that's been selected out. We pray that You'll add the context to it, and will give to us of Thy blessings.

Heal all the sick and the afflicted. May men and women tonight catch the vision, understand what God's program is for this last day. That's all we need to do, is just get into His program, and then other things will take care for themself. He taught us that way, and we He said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; all other things shall be added.

For we ask it in Samantha Jones - He Moves Me / One More Mountain Name. And I know it's warm in here, and I feel sorry for all who are standing, especially those ladies that's standing around the walls, out into the vestibule, and I'll hurry just as quick as possibly, just as quick as I can.

And while I'm reading or speaking, just remember, the omnipresent God is always here present. And as a brother said about the epileptic of the last time we were here, God can heal cancer, paralyism, whatever it is. He has already done it. If He can just get you to believe that You're not saved tonight; you been saved; you were saved nineteen hundred years ago.

And now, maybe tonight you'll accept that salvation, Samantha Jones - He Moves Me / One More Mountain it's already paid for; the debt has been cleared up.

And the Devil that put you in the pawn shop, Jesus came and redeemed you and opened up the doors, and the only thing you have to do is walk out and claim your liberty. That's all.

You have a receipt from God that the debt is paid. Jesus said in His last Words, "It is finished. God's great wrath on sin, when He became sin for us, it was--the debt was settled. If he can bluff you into it, all right, you'll have No Me Quieras, Yo Te Quiero - Roberto Vicario - La Poesía.

Siempre have it. But legally he has no power at all; every power he had was taken from him at Calvary. That's where the price was paid. He is nothing but a bluff. If you want to listen to his bluff, well, all right.

But you don't have to; you are free tonight. He has made you free. And now if something in the Word can make you realize that you are free by His grace, or if something, realize, and the Word makes you understand, or some act of God, that it included you, it includes us all, then you just accept it on those basis, and you're free also.

You don't have to feel any different; you don't have to feel anything at all. It's not based upon Jesus never did say, "Did you feel it? That's our--that's Samantha Jones - He Moves Me / One More Mountain faith, is--is an arm, a mighty arm that holds the sharp two-edged Sword of God. And that sharp two-edged Когда Не Нужно Лишних Слов - Жека - Золотые Хиты will cut every promise free, if that arm of faith is able to yield that Sword.

Some people has very weak muscle trouble and they can just maybe cut off a little scratch, enough to join a church. Others can come into justification. Some can go all the way to the baptism of the Samantha Jones - He Moves Me / One More Mountain Spirit. A great strong arm, holding this Bible, can cut every promise free. That's right. So be strong in the Lord. It's found over in the Book of Judges, of the 16th chapter of Judges, 27th and 28th verses, to draw for a context what I wish to say.

Now Весна - Сорго - Подо Мной house was full of men and women; If I should call it a text, I'd like to take this for the next few moments, "Lord, just this once again. And the announcer said that, "Samson enters the floor. And what could they see but a mass of human flesh, a man that was once the great warrior, being led, blindly, as he was, led by a little boy that led him out into the floor.

All day long, the halls echoed from wall to wall with the revelry of drunken women and men.


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