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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Every night after sex, we lied naked in bed and talked for a long time. During this time she was in her best of mood. One night, children were not at home and after we had a very satisfying round of sex we decided to have a drink.

We walked out of the bedroom naked and settled down with our drinks in the drawing room. Sitting naked beside each other under bright light was very sensational for both of us. Soon we were a bit tipsy and I asked my wife to share some of her secrets, which she never told me before.

Initially she said she has none such secret. But a little later she said I should share my secret first and then it would be her turn. I told her about my clandestine efforts to see grown up women naked during adolescence. I made a peephole in our bathroom door, which no one noticed.

Through the peephole I managed to see several women naked when they had their bath. I regularly saw a middle age maid naked. When a cousin sister of mine came to stay with us for a couple of days, I tried to see her naked. But she had her bath with her panty on and I could see her boobs only. I also once saw an aunt of mine naked. Hearing all these, my wife asked me who was the most attractive of them all. As she pressed for the answer, I finally confessed about seeing my mom naked.

Some how my wife was not as shocked as I apprehended her to be. She commented every adolescent boy finds his mother very sexually attractive. Now I really surprised her by telling her how I saw her mom naked.

After she got over her surprise, she laughed her head off. When it was her turn to share the secret, she told me something very revealing. She said bathing in the nude together with her mom and sister excited her sexually.

When I asked her if this was only in her mind or there was some physical action too, she showed some hesitation. She finally came out with the truth. The day she shaved her mom for the first time, she was very excited. So she finally withdrew her hands. Finally when all the hair vanished she felt very much turned on.

On the pretence of checking if the My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence was smooth enough, she moved her finger over her pussy.

She got very excited as she felt a lot of wetness along her pussy folds. She was so excited that she completely forgot she was her own mom and parting her lips inserted her fingers inside the tunnel. As she saw the pink inside, she was all the more excited and started playing on the clit.

At this stage mom held her hand and she thought mom wanted her to stop. But actually mom made her move the fingers faster and she started moaning. Within minutes her mom had a long lasting orgasm. As the orgasm subsided mom collapsed in her arms. Her mom looked a bit embarrassed but kissed her cheeks to show My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence she was thankful.

Later, they never spoke to each other about Nearly Everything Is New - Heligoland - Nearly Everything Is New. I asked her if that was the only occasion. Resting her head on my chest and tickling my nipples, she said no.

When I probed further, she said she Hugo Del Carril - Canta two things. Frequency of Money - Sham 69 - The Best Of Sham 69 - Cockney Kids Are Innocent between her parents was low. Secondly, her mom read a lot of erotic literature and when she read those books she showed signs of restlessness.

She felt her mom needed to release her sexual energy. So, next time she had bath with her mom she decided to give her the much needed pleasure. She offered to soap her mom and lovingly touched her all over. She explored every corner of her body — armpits, belly button, groin and even ass hole. As she was sure her mom was immensely enjoying, she played with her nipples and her mom moaned. She finally inserted her fingers in her pussy and played with her clit.

This time mom was a lot more uninhibited and moan was very strong. She made her lie down on the bathroom floor and put her mouth in her pussy. Being too excited, she moved her tongue wildly and even chewed the clit. Now her mom started screaming in joy and within minutes A Evaristo Carriego - Osvaldo Pugliese Orquesta Tipica* - Volume 2 - Finally Together - Live In: a volcanic climax.

After this second occasion, it was an unspoken understanding with her mom that when they had bath together she would bring her mom to climax. This practice continued for many years, even after her mom had menopause. At this stage, I asked her if her mom also gave her pleasure in return. She said, possibly her mom was too shy to My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence this. But when her mom was at the height of excitement, she did kiss her in the mouth and squeezed her boobs and butts.

Mom sometimes even sucked her nipples. But all these, she guessed, mom did unconsciously. Now she paused with a meaningful smile. As she silently kept smiling, I asked her again. She gave me a kiss and asked me to light a cigarette for her.

Drawing a long puff, she asked me what would be her reward if she tells me the secret. I My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence I would suck her to her best climax ever. As I said this, she took another long puff, returned the cigarette to me and lied down with her head on my lap.

Now she started telling me her treasured secret. I was shocked as she said that it was Mina who gave her a lot of sexual pleasure. After the first occasion with her mom, she confided to Mina. My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence was surprised but admitted she also felt horny when she bathed in the nude with mom.

As they talked more on sex between women, both sisters admitted that they felt horny as they saw each other in the nude. Mina also told her she discovered mom read a lot of erotic literature. They read together a story of sexual encounter between two sisters, who got caught in action by their mother and finally three of them had sex together.

Though the characters of the story were American women, it was very exciting. As they finished the story, they got drawn into a deep kiss. She was wild in excitement and sucked Mina like there was no tomorrow. As I sucked her, I imagined I was sucking Mina. As I sucked my wife, she in turn sucked my cock. My wife had a strong long lasting orgasm when I was still to ejaculate. Though she just had an orgasm, she willingly Thomanerchor - In Dulci Jubilo me penetrate her.

I stroked her like a wild bull and she shrieked in pleasure. I was imagining I was fucking Mina and kept on kissing her and pressing her My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence hard. I never felt so wild and endlessly fucked her. After a while I started discharging a hell of a lot of load and my wife had a second My Younger Days - Shed Light - Perseverence . Even after I took out Dont Walk Away - Various - Hit-Wave cock, it still threw out a lot and her boobs, belly, pubic bush and even the carpet was strewn with white gooey blobs.

This was the best fuck I ever had. But at that point of time, little did I know about still better fucks awaiting me. As I washed up and came back to bed I asked my wife if her sexual escapades with her sister stopped after her marriage.

She said yes. Mina, till such time she got married, gave some relief to her mom. But for last couple of years, Mina looked sex starved. She was often horny and looked for relief from her sister. After that night my lust for Mina grew stronger.

In many other ways I found Mina to be keen to please me. Sari was virtually their only formal dress.


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