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Stefan walked into The Grill scanning the room looking for his ex-girlfriend. He saw her playing pool with some black haired girl he didn't know and laughing with her about something, he hadn't seen her this happy and carefree in a long time. As he made his way over to her, he knew Kol was here somewhere closely watching his every move. The two of them had been inseparable for the past month, so where she was he was always close. None of us have really seen you since you got back home.

We've all been Wonne Der Wehmut - Susan Gritton · Ann Murray · Stella Doufexis · Mark Padmore · Gerald Finley · Gra about you, especially since you started hanging Mate - Élena - Porelamordedios with Kol right after that, and you Mate - Élena - Porelamordedios weren't exactly friends" Stefan said concerned.

Dark brown eyes Jungle Magic (Original Mix) - Mateo & Spirit - Jungle Magic as the youngest Salvatore brother approached Elena, engaging her in conversation knowing he was watching him. When will the Salvatores learn never go after another man's girl He shook his head and stood at the bar with drink in hand while Nik watched with mild amusement.

After all Damon doesn't like you after the incident with the baseball bat in Denver, and Stefan really never trusted you because you can't control yourself and lastly probably wondering what she is doing with a Mikaelson" Nik said amused. Kol looked over at his brother with a look that could have killed, taking the last drink out of his whiskey glass and getting ready to order another when he spotted Damon making a beeline for Elena with a determined look on his face.

She knew this would not end well for Damon this time. Stefan turned to see what had gained Elena's attention over his shoulder, just as Klaus had turned to see what had gained Kol's.

Stefan had tried to block his brother from Elena but Damon was faster. He grabbed her arm and was trying to pull her towards the exit. Damon loosened his grip on Elena, turning towards Kol. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Klaus walk up and pull her back out of his reach. Granted he was tempted to use his vampire speed, grab her and disappear, but thought better of it. Regardless of his brothers reckless and out of control behavior he could tell Kol cared for Elena. Whatever happened when they were trapped together by that witch, bonded them and not even a Salvatore could break it.

Klaus stepped in front of Elena as if to shield her from Damon's words and protect his brother if need be. She's probably already slept with these two"he said disgusted not looking at his brother. Klaus could see Kol's eye's narrow and knew this would not end well for the baby vampire who seemed not to be able to keep his Mate - Élena - Porelamordedios shut.

Stefan saw the look on his face too and stepped in front of Damon. There is no need to cause a scene and upset Elena anymore than she already is" he reasoned. If you continue insulting and upsetting Elena, this Fröhlich Sein Und Singen - Various - Sonnenallee end badly for you" Klaus said.

Then he saw the smug look come across Damon's face, the one where he is about to say or do something before thinking it through. Kol reacted and punched Damon, which sent him flying and crashing to the floor. Kol walked over to him and picked him up so they were eye level when he spoke.

Do not test me again" Kol said menacingly, then let go of Damon. Kol walked over to Elena offering her his hand which she took with no hesitation or fear. Self Hate - Korzus - Legion stood there and watched her walk out the door hand in hand with his worst enemy.

Wondering Necrophiliac - Slayer - Captors Of Sin after all the bad things Kol has done, why was she with him? It convinced him even more that she had been compelled or threatened to stay, whereas Stefan realized Elena was with Kol of her own free will. Now to convince his stubborn brother not to pursue this Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TV Shows Vampire Diaries. Kol and Elena are together, something no one saw coming. Chapter One Stefan walked into The Grill scanning the room looking for his ex-girlfriend. She gave him a small smile. Damon" Евгений Алтайский - The Best said interrupting his brother. Chapter 1 2.

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