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JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. Originally meant for Dee Dee Sharp, returning home one day Carole and Gerry found their babysitter singing it. They liked what they heard, so they rushed her into the studio, with King doing the backing vocals. Little Eva was only sixteen when "The Locomotion" hit 1.

Her earnings from "The Locomotion" were reported to be around thirty thousand dollars. She appeared on television shows and in numerous magazines. She performed live in the US and did several tours of England. E-Mail an einen Freund. SIDE A: 1. The Loco-Motion 2. Some Kind-A Wonderful 3. I Have A Love 4. Down Home 5. Run To Her. SIDE B: 1. Uptown 2. Where Do I Go? Up On The Roof 4. Sharing You 5. He Is The Boy 6. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Copasetic Mailorder Suche: Suche.

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