Label: Dragnet Records - DRA 488971 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Techno, Hard Rock, Industrial
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Lyrics Forum Tablatures Links Feedback. Search lyrics archive:. All lyrics Leid Und Elend - KMFDM - Symbols property and copyright of their respective owners and are provided for educational purposes only. All advertising proceeds are used to maintain its servers. Add to Favorites. I am your holy totem I am your sick taboo Radical and radiant I'm your nightmare coming true I am your worst enemy I am your dearest friend Malignantly Malevolent I am of divine descent I have come to rock your world I have come to shake your faith Anathematic Anarchist I have come to take my place I am your unconsciousness I am unrestrained excess Metamorphic restlessness I'm your unexpectdness I am your apocalypse I am your belief unwrought Monolithic juggernaut I'm the illegitimate son of god Stray bullet From the barrel of love Stray bullet From the heavens Leid Und Elend - KMFDM - Symbols Stray bullet Ready or not I'm the illegitimate son of god.

Dein boot verlasst den hafen Leid Und Elend - KMFDM - Symbols stadt Alleine fahrst du in die klare nacht Nur noch funf minuten wunsch ich mir Meine wahre sehnsucht kommt mit dir Ich liebe deinen mond in meiner nacht Ohne deine sonne ist kein tag Du bist doch mein stern am firmament Ich bin der stein und du bist mein zement Ich bin deine taste am klavier Alles was du wolltest spiel ich dir Deiner sussen wunde susser saft Macht mich sehr betrunken ohne schnaps Geteiltes leid ist halbes leid Dein herz ist mein herz Geteiltes gluck ist halbes gluck Dein schmerz ist mein schmerz Mein leid Dein elend Dein leid Mein elend.

I went thru too many people I went thru heaven and hell I went from rome to bagdad Too many stories to tell I lived thru too many aeons I've risen up and I fell the fall I have been there and I have done that Desire - Kurt Cobain - Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings seen it all and all My time is running like water Deeper I dive and deeper Last of nine lives of the cat I saved my soul for the reaper What do you mean by that Mercy I Abstain - Converge - Caring & Killing - The Early Years 1991-1994 all you get Do what you won't regret Freedom's your self-respect.

Spit sperm spit Your TV is my teacher Confessional and preacher Forgive me lord for all this hate I simply am inebriate See the gun Pick it up All day long you'll have good luck See the gun Let it lie You'll want that gun before you die Spit sperm This moral bankrupt stinking vat Spit sperm Of shit-fueled lies and empty highs Spit sperm Bled between these piss stained lines Spit sperm And hid behind my glazing eyes.

I see you've quite a thirst [Abby:] No no no you can't yet go First things must come first [En esch:] Delicious not? You need alittle space? What's wrong with your face?

We have always failed yet there is no doubt Can't go wrong from here We are down and out All of us are going down. You are the sweetest disease for me I can't hear you say please to me There's nothing you cannot say to me Come on Cold - Annie Lennox - Diva down and pray with me There's no feeling inside of me You'll see nothing can hide in me You'll find nothing can feed on me Don't look, listen or believe in me Get down Shut up Come on in It's time to take your medicine I'm unfit I'm unfair You can't feel And I don't care Get down Shut up Come on in It's time to take your medicine I'll wipe a stripe on you tonight I'll tee you high and you will fly.


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