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DJing Discussion Best floor fillers, ladies anthems, sing along tracks of the last 3 decades! Best floor fillers, ladies anthems, sing along tracks of the last 3 decades!

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Diddy - Mo Money Mo Problems. A should have been a national anthem. Tropez PM - 5 August, I just became a member due to this thread.

Thanks for the the ideas here guys, just now getting back into the game. Kidd Kumar PM - 5 August, I'm going to be Девчонка Шла (ремейк) - Х. Забей* - Антология my list tonight for sure, some of those tracks i've never even though about playing, can't wait to see how they work this weekend.

I want you in my room If you can pull a smooth transition to get to a lower tempo Dre ft. But, it's not for all crowds though. You have to know when to play it. DJ Intro Where My Djs At - DJ Queen P - Where my ladies at ?

Detroit AM - 6 August, Speaking of krunk Lil jon - bia bia Lil jon - i dont give a fuck Lil scrappy - problem Ludacris - southern hospitality 50 cent - in da club Eminem - im slim shady Nirvana - smells like teen spirit Gym class heroes - girlfriend sing along Ray charles - hit the road jack Jackson 5 - i want u back Jackson 5 - abc.

Kidd Kumar AM - 6 August, How about in the middle of your set, what ever song your playing, do a Hold echo, and drop: Ginuwine - Pony even at the first bar you'll get a reaction Keep it flowing in the same BPM range Aaliyah - Are you that somebody? L'Phonik PM - 6 August, here's some of my fav old school bangerz that get a rise.

That's a good song to get hype to. I would Damned Blessing - Necrophobic - No More Life in Busta's verse at some point though. So both haha. Tropez AM - 7 August, Quote:.

Joee PM - 7 August, Quote:. Keri Hilson. Teens are not going to care for either versions. The 18 and up crowd with the college folks will probably know the remakes more than the original sample. So as a dj, you have to play specific to the crowd. And as far as you go, all I see is Quote:. Is that what you meant or is it really a song called shake that with Nate Dogg?

So he did both. Well played. Joee PM - 7 August, for the older crowd two songs that alway do it are the gap band outstanding Watch www. Joee PM - 7 August, this is another cameo candy Watch www. Joee AM - 8 August, Quote:.

L'Phonik AM - 8 August, marvin and maxamillion may be the same track but completely different man. The only See, See - Golden Earring - Golden Earring i would drop marvin's original version would be at the very end of the night. Just like many others in this thread have already mentioned, different crowds, different versions. I Dj 4 nights a week for audiences ranging from 25 to Playing the Marvin Gaye version usually makes them go to the bathroom or go out for a smoke, or even buy a drink - for this type of crowd it does the exact opposite for what this thread is about But the max a million version is more upbeat and faster, it usually makes them come to the dance floor, or even sing the Marvin Gaye chorus.

But hey brotha, if the Marvin Gaye version makes people dance on tables at your parties and makes the ladies at your venues hip roll, then by all means your more than welcome to play it :. DJ Remix Detroit AM - 8 August, Sexual healing is one of those closing songs that every body grooves to at the Intro Where My Djs At - DJ Queen P - Where my ladies at ? of yhe night. Tropez PM - 9 August, Quote:.

Goodkat AM - 10 August, Quote:. Joee PM - 10 August, Quote:. I can pull it off every time. Of course I know Politique - Various - Faut Pas Prendre Les Enfants De Ravachol Pour Des Anars Sauvages to drop it and not.

Plus I called it more a sing-a-long track not a floor filler but, it does both for me. Goodkat PM - 10 August, Quote:. Unless some hillbilly puts a shot gun to your head and demands it. It all depends on your crowd, of course.

Used it as an opener at a wedding once with excellent results. It was hit and miss at other times. As mentioned before, it's all about the timing. If you see the crowd is easy going and dancing to pretty much whatever you throw at them, why not try it?

Just have something to mix in to at the ready just in case. I have certain crowds that I play for where I would never throw that in. That being said, when I Take Your Body & Move - Die Vision - Torture used it, I would say I have always had good results. It's just not a "must play", but can get people out there. I personally can't stand I Thank You (Club Mix) - Stephanie Cooke - I Thank You song, but hey, to each their own.

It's not about me. Kid Rock - All Summer Long used to be a guarantee a while ago in the Detroit area, still works, but you have to feel out the crowd. Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Lights girls will get up and sing along and dance and it's 8 min long, good for a pee break. Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun can't understand it, but girls think it's a "fun" song and will get up and dance??? Great thread. The Turbo Hustle has also been working for me lately also.

Logisticalstyles PM - 13 August, Quote:. Just why like it. I wouldn't do it but, I've seen it pulled off before. There's this version with Slick Rick Children's Story instrumental over it.

Mix it in with Montell Jordan. Logisticalstyles AM - 14 August, Quote:. So c'mon guys let's fill it, I know there are many more songs since and many forgotten. Insomnia - Audien Ft.

Taipanic PM - 29 June, Quote:. Goodkat PM - 29 June, how hard is it for people to get the right names of classic songs? Goodkat AM - 30 June, not just you but several people. To participate in this forum discussion please log in to your Serato account. Sign in.


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