Label: Music De Wolfe - DWS/LP 3431 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Stage & Screen • Style: Theme
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Re:Whyperon in case you're interested Cliff Twemelow was a songwriter, bouncer and actor, who's main claim to fame is that his film G. International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel 3rd Dec Number 1 for four weeks, here are two different TOTP performances - the Noel Edmunds introduced one must have been first week 1 appearence, which differs slightly from the record on the strings intonation and small other live variances, interesting to note the prodominant Bassoon for listers of records featuring that instrument.

What was cut to turn 2. I have heard that as Simon Park used session musicians on his orchestra recordings there being no paid staff but hired day rates, that it is the BBC TOTP orchestra on both videos. Which looks about right from other shots of performances they did backings on. The tune was instrumental but there is at least one verbal mention of the title.

Paul, "Mouldy Old Dough" probably isn't on the Wikipedia list for the reason you mention. I didn't notice a female chorus on "Flat Beat". Having listened again, I think I can hear what you mean. It sounds almost like a female voice giggling. Can anyone else hear that? Could it just be an electronic creation?

Whyperion 16th Aug There is a nice violin duo one sounding like some s period drama serial theme! And B De Wolfe being sued for Copyright by Mood Music for copyrights they held from other International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel , certainly hearing some De Wolfe tracks there is a close pastiche to lifting International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel other styles and composers that sails close to copying in my listening.

Maybe a discussion for Classical Worlds when we get to that As in is my life too short to fit in a detailed visit to that world! TonyCurrie 31st Jul The tune was composed by Jack Trombey - an alias for highly prolific Dutch composer Jan Stoeckart whose music was frequently used on TV and in commercials. Paul Goldstein1 4th May To Zabadak, I remember that.

Somehow, there was a cock-up, and the chart was International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel compiled. It was believed that Slik had fallen Shaker - Burnman - Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition (Vinyl, Album) number 1 to number 4, but it turned out it only fell to number 2.

Chi Mai also hit UK Andy Pandy 4th May Although many of these vocal mixes were never played in clubs or listened to by the serious fans of the music. The period when trance and hard house was at its biggest roughly early years of the millennium was arguably the period when instrumental music in the form of those genres was at its biggest since those 50s and start of the 60s years that Mr tmg mentions.

Thin Yoghurt 4th May It did top the Dance chart. Paul Goldstein1 3rd May I only got to read your list after I printed my reply to another reviewer.

I had never heard of those last three records before. When I played them on Youtube, I not only discovered that they were completely unlistenable, but they were all over 20 years after Eye Level left number 1, and only the latter was completely instrumental, but still had a couple of tiny but unnecessary vocal snippets. The one by Doop had a wordless female vocal passage in the middle. The one by Oizo had a snippet of talking at the beginning, and a female vocal chant most of the way through in the background.

But those 1. Aufzug Nr. 2, 12 Takte Vor Ziffer 35 - Evans* / Pröpper* - Orchester Probespiel (Test Pieces For to pay money for them needed their heads tested. Your list did not mention Mouldy Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon that made number 1 in lateyet that was instrumental apart from one of the band chanting the title about four times.

See the link in my previous comment which lists more recent instrumental number ones. But they do have some minor spoken or sung element. There have been tracks which were largely instrumental at 1 since Eye Level, but all have audible voices at some point. I guess the heyday of instrumental pop hits was the 50s and 60s, when Russ Conway, Winifred Atwell, Mantovani and later The Shadows were chart regulars.

Thin Yoghurt 25th Apr International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel Paul Goldstein1 24th Apr But that had vocal passages in it, likewise a number one not long after this apparent 20th anniversary by 2 Unlimited, No Limit.

Three instrumentals hit number 2 during this anniversary timeline. I don't know whether it is still the last instrumental number 1, as I don't know the first thing about the music and hits from the nineties onward. While it was a hit over here, it was issued in The States on the Vanguard label but missed their top completely. Yet while it was number 1 over here, it held a Slade record My Friend Stan at number 2, while their other three singles that year all entered at number 1, a rarity in those days.

I like this. But I can't believe you could throw vinyl into the canal, Tony, regardless! This is probably the last A Night To Remember - Shalamar - Greatest Hits instrumental 1 hit in the UK. There have been a few others since which are largely instrumentalbut if we're being strict, do feature audible voices. Oddly, "Eye Level" didn't reach a million sales until so it must have remained in the catalogue.

Mikey Dread 19th Dec Whyperion 25th Apr Discogs does not seem to show different Decca pressing as such, but does have a black and silver demo copy image, anyone here got one?

Matrix numbers for that not shown. Matrix numbers for release appear as quoted. Whyperion 1st Aug Tony Moss 22nd Jul Tony Moss 20th Jul Used to have International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel 45 back in the early 90's when I wanted to collect as many 45's as possible, then realised I just wanted to collect 'cool' stuff like soul, psych and decent pop, so this one ended up International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel the local canal - I can remember hearing the theme to Van Der Valk in my head as the 45 hit the deep green murky No Parking (On The Dance Floor) - Various - Disco Promocional and I didnt hang around to see if it would sink, plus Barry Foster and Mr Park himself may have been watching and would probably made me jump or push me in to retrieve it.

Whats the demo worth? Juke Jules 2nd May Whyperion 6th Mar Mikey Dread 8th Sep The opening theme to Crown Court was from the beginning of the fourth movement of Janacek's Sinfonietta.

Whyperion 9th Jun Aside from thes HairstylesNoel Edmund's avoiding mentioning ITV's van der Valkis this the only Number one or 45 to feature two International Studio Orchestra* - Silver Parallel playing tambourine?


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