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Superman: Doomsday is a American animated superhero film adapted from the DC Comics storyline " The Death of Superman ", which focuses on the death and return of the superhero Superman. Released by Warner Bros. Lois Lane and Superman are romantically involved, but Lois is not happy with keeping their relationship secret. While digging, workers from LexCorp unearth the spaceship of Doomsdaya genetically-engineered super-soldier highly hostile toward anything that moves.

It kills the digging crew and begins a bloody rampage towards Metropolis. Superman and Doomsday engage in a battle until Superman kills Doomsday and apparently succumbs to his own injuries.

Lex Luthor kills his personal assistant to ensure no one else knows of LexCorp's involvement. The world mourns Superman and Metropolis honors him with a memorial. Superman's friends cope with his death in various ways. In Superman's absence, Metropolis is overwhelmed by criminals. Toyman uses a giant mechanical spider to hold children hostage. Lois decides to save them herself, but Toyman tries to kill her and a little girl. Superman digs out of his grave and saves Lois, apprehending Toyman.

He doesn't seem quite the same, but Lois dismisses it as shock. She K-Ra-Zy For You - Various - Crazy For You Original Broadway Cast Recording suspicious, however, when Martha tells her that Clark has not called home. The resurrected Superman is revealed to be a clone created by Lex who is keeping the real Superman's body preserved in a tube, unaware that Superman is, barely, still alive.

He periodically tortures the clone Superman in a special lead-lined room. A robot from the Fortress of Solitude detects that Superman is still alive, recovers his body, and begins restoring him to health. Meanwhile, the clone's attitude darkens when he hears that Toyman killed a child. In retaliation, Superman drops him from a height so that he falls to his death in front of the police station. The city is stunned and the clone threatens the populace into abiding by the law.

This convinces Lois and Martha that this is not the real Superman. Lex berates the clone, orders him to find Superman's corpse, and threatens to kill him if he misbehaves again.

The clone deduces that a lead-shielded kryptonite pellet is in his brain, and removes it. Lois tranquilizes Lex and searches his files with Jimmy, discovering that Lex is cloning an army of Supermen. Lex awakens armed with a gun, but the original clone saves Lois and Jimmy and destroys the cloning facility and the yet-to-be-awakened clones. Lex hides in the special room but the clone locks him inside and tosses the entire room to the street.

This latest presumed murder triggers military action which fails. Superman is revived and resolves to confront the clone, although his powers are Pimpf - Depeche Mode - I Cant Hear You As The Dogs Were Laughing And Im Blind fully restored.

To improve his odds he dons a "solar suit" and brings a Kryptonite gun. The two battle and Lois manages to hit the clone with a kryptonite blast. The clone destroys the gun, but the Kryptonite canister sticks to the clone's chest and Superman vaporizes it with heat Im Alive - Various - Doomsday News . Before dying, the clone tells Superman to protect the people.

Lois is sure of the real Superman once he kisses her, and the crowd is similarly happy now that they know that the real Superman is alive. At Lois' apartment Superman reveals himself to be Clark Kent. Lois embraces Superman with elation. At LexCorp, Lex is revealed to be critically injured and in a wheelchair, but still alive. He smiles, musing that there may still be a way for him to destroy Superman. Despite similar animation styles, the film used new animation models, and is only loosely based on the DC Animated Universe that lasted from[1] with a few allusions to the older series, as well as the Fleischer Superman series, found in the Fortress of Solitude.

Most other aspects, including the origins and appearance of Doomsday, the relationship of Superman and Lois Lane, the fight itself, and the events surrounding Superman's return, were far different than their comic counterparts. In addition, all references to other characters throughout the arc, including the Justice League who battled Doomsday in an attempt to stop him from reaching Metropolis many supporting characters, and the four false Supermen Superboythe EradicatorCyborg Supermanand Steelthough unlike the previous three Steel was inspired by him and never claimed to be Superman were left out entirely.

Aspects of these characters were combined to form the clone Superman Superboy was a clone, the Eradicator killed criminals, and Cyborg Superman was Im Alive - Various - Doomsday News villain who pretended to be the real Superman.

Also, while starting up the helicopter on the Daily Planet roof, Lois tells Jimmy that she was an "air force brat" while in the comics her father, General Sam Lane, was in the army. Martha Kent is depicted as a widow in the film, whereas in the comics, Jonathan Kent is alive and would possibly play a key part in bringing Superman back from the afterlife.

In the Fortress of Solitude various items can be seen from past Superman cartoons. Some of these include Superman's anti-Kryptonite suit, as well as his space suit and rocket from Superman: The Animated Series.

The Bottle City of Kandor can be seen as well. In this film, she is his corporate assistant. As Superman carries Toyman off, a man modeled after and voiced by Smith remarks, "Like we really needed him to bust up a mechanical spider, right?

Superman project that he and film producer Jon Peters collaborated on, which never came to fruition. According to Smith, Peters wanted Superman to fight a giant spider in the film's third act. The film was released on September 18, It made its U. Superman: Doomsday was exclusively available on DVD with a collectible packaging depicting Superman bursting through the movie's logo. It was the only film in the series originally released without a special edition.

Following a year later was a two-disc special edition DVD release. The special features included a retrospective look at how the Death of Superman comic came to be, a look at voice actors, as well as Out Of My Mind - Marcella Detroit - Jewel Defeat Doomsday game with a minute preview to the next animated film; Justice League: The New Frontier.

Release of a Blu-ray version was announced with a release date of February 26,but was delayed. This is the first time an animated Superman project has ever received such a strong rating. Most of the more visceral deaths take place off-camera; however, the fight sequences are very intense. During the Doomsday vs. Superman fight scene, Superman coughs a puddle of blood onto the ground, perhaps the most visual use of blood in the entire film.

The soundtrack to Superman: Doomsday was released on October 26, The music was composed by Robert J. The film received favorable reviews from critics. Not all reviews of the film were positive. The Im Alive - Various - Doomsday News DVD sales chart for September 18—23, revealed that the film was placed at 4, and was two spots Im Alive - Various - Doomsday News of the season six release of Smallvillea Superman related television show.

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