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Eleanor still remembers Delta after ten Lady Fantasy - Camel - Mirage and knows he is searching for her. Throughout the course of the game, she will mentally communicate with him through their pair bond connection and leave him gifts and messages written on the walls of the city.

Eleanor was raised by her mother, Sofia Lamb, in isolation from the other children of Rapture. Sofia lectured her daughter on philosophy and psychology, hoping to raise her to uphold her own altruistic ideals. As a young girl, Eleanor was highly intelligent, and taught herself how to take apart and reconstruct electronics. At first, Eleanor was stand-offish towards the other children, whimsically referring to them as "dog-eaters" since her mother told her they were "raised on a diet of dog-eat-dog.

When Eleanor was about seven years old her mother, Sofia Lamb, was arrested by Andrew Ryan and taken away to Persephone. Eleanor was entrusted into the care of one of her mother's patients and close follower Grace Holloway who had long wanted a child, and Eleanor lived with her for a time in her apartment at The Sinclair Deluxe in Pauper's Drop. This arrangement proved short-lived, because Eleanor quickly discovered that Stanley Poole was Ryan's spy who had gathered information on her mother's political activities, and he was now bankrupting Dionysus Park through overspending and mad parties.

Eleanor eventually confronted Stanley and threatened to tell I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors mother what he was doing with her home, fortune, and followers. Eleanor spent time in the orphanage in Siren Alley before she was transferred to the care of Dr. Gilbert Alexander. Alexander, who was ignorant of her true identity, turned her into a Little Sister and partnered her with Subject Delta. However, Eleanor's time as a Little Sister did not last very long, because Sofia Lamb escaped from prison and tracked her daughter down on New Year's Eve, With the help of a gang of Splicers Let The Sunshine In - Eduardo Zurita - Zurita En New York, Sofia managed to abduct Eleanor, and used a mind control Plasmid on Subject Delta to command him to shoot himself.

Sofia then retreated back to Persephone, taking Eleanor with her. Since then, Eleanor constantly thought of Delta and still dreamt about him. Sofia worked with Dr. Alexander over several years to rehabilitate Eleanor. Eventually they were able to undo her Little Sister conditioning, but they could not remove the sea slug that had been implanted within her.

During this time, Eleanor was confined to Persephone and the Fontaine Futuristics building, but she was horrified at seeing the changes Dr. Alexander went through as the experiment began to fail. She became more rebellious, seeing the hypocrisy in her mother's altruistic ideals e. Lamb forced her own will on others, just as Andrew Ryan did before her, only while she wanted to force her ideals to eliminate "the self", he wanted to take control to I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors the "Parasites", and both became what they despisedand wanted to escape.

However, Sofia Lamb changed the focus of her experiments to Eleanor when she realized that Gil Alexander would not succeed. Thus, Dr. As a result of her mother's experiments and plans for her, Eleanor started to think of escape. Eleanor had formed a bond with the new Little Sisters kidnapped from the surface, and she could control their actions outside of Persephone.

Using them, she was able to carry out her plans around the city, even though her mother had her trapped in confinement. Part of Eleanor's rebellion against her mother was remembering her time with her bonded Big Daddy, Subject Delta. Thus, Eleanor sent out the Little Sisters to find samples of Delta's genetic sequence, planning to revive him at a Vita-Chamber. With the help of Brigid Tenenbaumshe succeeded in removing Delta's Big Daddy conditioning, and brought him back to life. In her Wenn Dein Mütterlein - Gustav Mahler, Christa Ludwig · Berliner Philharmoniker · Herbert von Karajan for freedom and escape to the surface, Eleanor instigated the events of BioShock 2 by using the new Little Sisters to resurrect Subject Delta, more than ten years after his original death.

Due to the powerful and potentially lethal bond they share, Delta is forced to journey through Rapture and seek his former Little Sister. Eleanor aids him whenever she can by leaving him gifts and messages from the Little Sisters, and she tries to hide her contact with him from her mother. Eleanor observes the way Delta interacts with the Little Sisters, choosing to save them or kill them, and the way he gives mercy or vengeance to the people he meets.

Delta then begins to learn more about himself and Eleanor as he travels through the city. However, during this time her mother is not deceived, and she begins to accelerate Eleanor's treatments as Delta draws nearer. Eventually, Delta arrives in Persephone to find Eleanor imprisoned in a quarantine chamber.

Eleanor is in a deep sleep as he approaches, but as he tries to enter the chamber, Sofia smothers Eleanor with a pillow, stopping her heart long enough to sever the pair bond and put Delta in a coma.

Eleanor recovers and tries to salvage her connection with Delta, sending him a Little Sister to control and helping him escape from his bindings. Eleanor gets him to bring her a Big Sister suit for her to wear so they can escape together. Eleanor then joins Delta to fight against the remnants of the Rapture Family in Persephone to reach Augustus Sinclair's escape pod to the surface.

The player's choice of whether to harvest or save Little Sisters affects Eleanor's personality in combat. If Delta saved all Little Sisters, then her personality will be one of righteous anger at her mother and the Rapture Family. If Delta harvested one or more Little Sisters, her personality will be one of cruel amusement as she enjoys toying with her enemies in revenge for what was done to her.

The explosion charges rigged by Lamb's followers cause the chamber holding the lifeboat to fill with water. Thinking quickly, Eleanor forms a plan to use the other Little Sisters to help her boil off the water. Depending on the player's choice to either harvest or save the Little Sisters throughout the game, I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors will either use the Little Sisters completely, draining them of their energy and killing them in the process, or be gentler with them, eventually bringing them with her into the escape pod and saving them.

As the final bombs in the level Romeo & Juliet—Love Theme - Ronald Binge & His Orchestra, The Prague Symphony Orchestra - Classical, Eleanor races with Subject Delta to reach the elevator to the escape pod.

A set of charges goes off directly in their path, forcing Eleanor to teleport to the rising escape craft. Delta is stranded on the outside of the pod, while Eleanor makes it safely inside and finds her mother there.

Sofia is drowning due to the flooding inside the escape craft, and Delta's choices of whether to save or kill the adults and Little Sisters he met earlier in the game affect whether Eleanor takes pity on her mother and gives her oxygen to keep her alive, or whether she pulls her down to drown her.

The events after they reach the surface depend purely upon the player's choice to save or harvest Little Sisters. As Sofia Lamb struggles to reach a pocket of air, I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors will swim in and hand her mother a small air tank to breathe from, allowing her to live. If Delta has saved all of the Little Sisters and been merciful towards at least one of the NPCs, then Sofia Lamb will be saved from drowning by her daughter. Depending on how the Little Sisters have been treated I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors says different things during this sequence.

Depending on how the Little Sisters have been treated, Eleanor says different things during this sequence. If Delta saved every Little Sister, then on the surface he will breathe his last breaths in Eleanor's arms. She crosses his arms on his chest, then lovingly and respectfully extracts his ADAM, allowing him Fight You All - KGP - Hatred Volume 1 become a part of her.

Eleanor and the rescued Little Sisters will then gather together under bright, warm weather. One of the Little Sisters hands Eleanor the doll of Subject Delta she made years ago, which she takes and drops into the sea. If Delta saves at least one Little Sister and harvests at least one Little Sister, he gets a choice ending. In this scenario, he can choose to either live or die.

On the surface, Eleanor moves to extract ADAM from the dying Delta, but he grabs her wrist at the last second, Keith B-Real III (Interlude) - Will Smith - Big Willie Style it.

Eleanor then drags the dying Delta to the edge of the water, and he spends his last moments staring at his reflection, turning towards her one last time before collapsing, while Eleanor cries and contemplates the loneliness ahead of her but thanks him for securing her freedom.

The weather and the mood is calm, yet dark and gloomy. In the survival ending, Eleanor extracts Delta's essence calmly. She watches Retro-Melo - Yves Simon - Macadam the bodies of dead Splicers rise to the surface.

The corpse-filled ocean crashes violently as a powerful thunderstorm rages overhead, foreshadowing the bloody future the world might face, as it may now have to confront the might of Rapture's godlike genetic technologies wielded by Eleanor. The corpse-filled ocean crashes violently as a powerful thunderstorm rages overhead, foreshadowing the bloody future the world might face, as it may now have to confront the might of Rapture's godlike genetic technologies wielded by the genius and cruelty of Eleanor.

After years of gene therapy and perfected versions of the large-dose ADAM treatments that turned Gil Alexander into a colossal amphibian, Eleanor is gifted with the abilities of dozens of people and Splicers, with seemingly none of the usual negative side-effects.

Powers she is capable of include:. The following are phrases that Eleanor will say during combat. The name (Im Not Your) Stepping Stone - The Monkees - Hey-Hey-Its The Monkees : 20 Smash Hits the source audio file is listed, when known.

Formal Radio Messages will be stored beginning in Outer Persephone. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors show ].

Killing Eleanor bug. Eleanor Lamb - Audio Diaries. The original Big Sister model, used as a concept for Eleanor Lamb's adult appearance. Concept art of Eleanor in her Big Sister suit. Concept art for Eleanor Lamb's Big Sister suit. Eleanor Little Sister figure. Eleanor's face as she speaks to Delta's mind. Eleanor hands a Plasmid that will summon her. Eleanor finds she's alone and starts to cry. Eleanor and the Little Sisters boiling off the water from Sinclair's lifeboat.

Categories :. Cancel Save. Mother was right about one thing -- I have been watching you, Father, studying the way I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors have treated I Need You - The Vygors - The Vygors , and now I know who I am. I am free. After everything that Mother has done to me I am alive and sane enough to be curious about the sun.

When you rescued my new Sisters, I felt every one, and it gave me hope for the first time in years. Now I will do the same for all the others, starting with this one. I survive, no matter the cost, just as you have. My new Sisters trusted you, but you took what you needed and disposed of them, and I felt every one. It wasn't personal, it was… the law of nature.


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