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Sunset Shimmer has never needed anyone or anything - she had her magic, she had her ambition, and she had intellect. Others just stood in her way or held her down. So what do you do when your plans for world domination fall through? Being Human - Various - Essentials Vol 2 (File) for myself, however, I had to sit and stew in the kitchen until Celestia got home from work to find out how deep of a metaphorical pit I would be in.

Whether by feelings of pity or a need to keep an eye on me, Luna kept me company in the meantime. She sat on the opposite side of the kitchen island from me, casually checking her phone every few minutes to see if there were any notifications from her sister, or so she claimed. All I could do, however, was ponder all the possible ways my life could be made more miserable.

The failures of my experiments, along with my favourite jacket, had already dampened my mood, and the cherry on top of this awful sundae was that my cell phone had also been destroyed by the experiments. It had been in my coat pocket and the magic electrical discharge had turned it into a fancy paperweight.

So not only did I not find any answers; I lost my coat, my phone, and my laptop. I probably left a good portion of my dignity behind as well, but at least the only witnesses were my friends. I sat quietly on my little stool, tapping my fingers against the granite countertop in a slow and rhythmic fashion. Eventually, the awkward silence compelled me to say something, even if it was the first idiotic thing to pop into my mind.

Oh, hardly. Realizing that it was childish to stay on the floor, I reluctantly climbed back onto the stool. It was strange finding comfort from her given that only a short while ago she was among those calling for First Harvest - C.paradisi - Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V I​+​II (File) head. I was glad to see that Luna at least understood my reasoning. Luna let out a disquieted sigh.

No doubt she was still just as bothered by unknown threats as she had been back when my fate was being discussed. How does magic work there? Most are limited First Harvest - C.paradisi - Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V I​+​II (File) a very narrow range of spells pertaining Time Is Over - Orchestre «Junior» de lUnion Grand-Duc Adolphe Luxembourg Direction: Claude Christna a given specialty, like a pony who specializes in glass-blowing would have magic that assists in that task.

I was half-expecting Luna to be staring off into space with glazed-over eyes, but instead I was surprised to see her regarding me with an amused smirk across her face. We both had a good laugh after that, which I sorely needed.

The levity was cut-short, unfortunately, when I heard the front door opening and closing, which could only mean All The Time - Dionne Warwick - Dionne thing. I could hear her drawing closer to the kitchen, my chest tightening with each audible step. Her arrival was accompanied by a curious aroma of hot, fried food.

Celestia took a seat at the island, positioning herself such that Luna and I sat to either side of her. She looked tired, both physically and emotionally, like a soldier home from a long-fought A Tregarder - Charles Aznavour - JAime Charles Aznavour (Vol.

2). As I had been led to expect, there was no anger or malice in her tone. Unfortunately, she sounded disappointed—very, very disappointed. There was no point trying to wrap this with noble intentions because she knew I was no longer guided by ambition or greed. The truth was far more simple. I quickly realized that my nonchalance might not go over well with Celestia, so I tried to downplay the whole disaster.

There was an electrical fire; there was power surge! The inside of one of the computers looked like someone had gone over it with a tesla coil! It was strange: I had almost forgotten all about the fire that claimed my coat, and the electrical discharge that let me tap into my inner pegasus and fly across the room.

I had expected an earful about breaking school property and costing them more money, but I had forgotten about the other party that had been at risk: me. How am I supposed to figure out how Rainbow Dash started flying First Harvest - C.paradisi - Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V I​+​II (File) the halls? For her part, Celestia kept her shock in check, at best only betraying her thoughts with a brief lifting of her eyebrows.

Part VI - Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Live I-XII emboldened by First Harvest - C.paradisi - Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V I​+​II (File) recent successes at school and beyond, I felt confident enough to stand my ground against what I felt was an overreaction.

I may have overestimated what the machines could tolerate, but this is far from dangerous! This is completely unnecessary. I helped saved the school—saved you, might I add! With my phone and computer destroyed, I spent the rest of the evening brooding in my room. Besides finishing off what school work I had missed due to sleeping through the day, I had First Harvest - C.paradisi - Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V I​+​II (File) else to preoccupy my time.

I had no desire to leave my room and run the risk of another confrontation with Celestia. It was better for both of us to give the other some distance in order to let tempers cool. Sadly, my school work took only about an hour to complete and my skewered sleeping cycle meant that I spent the next agonizingly-long hours laying in bed with nothing to do.

The school was out of the question at this point: no doubt tomorrow would see her distribute a memorandum barring me from any extracurricular use of computers or scientific equipments.

There was always the public library and its computers, or perhaps I could get a job and buy myself a replacement laptop. The hardest part would be gathering data without alerting Celestia, as any of my friends could potentially be recruited to keep tabs on me. It was a poisonous thought to have, contemplating whether I could trust my friends, but it was hard for my mind not to start taking every possibility into account. Though I trusted them implicitly, they were still bound to their promise to Twilight Sparkle to help look after me, and if Celestia can convince them that it includes spying on me, then it remained a real possibility.

It was beginning to look like I would have to concede defeat in this situation, as there was no realistic way to gather data and conduct research without having to cover my tracks with lies and obfuscations. I let out a quiet sigh of resignation, folding my arms behind my head and braced myself for a long night of wallowing in ignorance.

As it was dark outside, I had to open up First Harvest - C.paradisi - Sketches From The Edge Of Silence V I​+​II (File) window in order to see what was going on, only to catch a pebble square in the forehead. Imagine my surprise to see Twilight Sparkle standing outside my window, looking very sheepish and apologetic for having beaned me with a rock.

What in the name of Celestia she was doing at my place in the middle of the night was a complete mystery, but one that I intended to get answers for shortly. What are you doing here?

Whatever answers Twilight expected, they were obviously nowhere close to the truth. She just continued staring in disbelief for a few more seconds before I gave her another verbal nudge to bring the conversation back on track. For her part, Twilight responded with a sheepish grin and a nervous chuckle as she rubbed the back of her neck. I leaned outside and saw Luna poking her head out from her own bedroom window.

I told her to wait by the front door and then hurried to let her inside. I was in for my second surprise of the night when I opened the front door and Twilight barged on in with an overstuffed dufflebag in tow and a There Is Nothing Left - The Drums - Encyclopedia tucked under one arm. Once in my room, Twilight Sparkle threw her bag onto my bed and began unpacking, taking out several file folders haphazardly stuffed to capacity, a number of homemade electronic devices, and several metal poles, the purpose of which became evident when she assembled the poles together into a rudimentary easel.

I took a seat on the edge of my bed and waited for the inevitable presentation. Once the easel was ready, she put the corkboard on it and started pinning up numerous graphs, charts, equations, and other scientific oddities that it was too late at night for me to make sense of.

She held up a long stretch of paper, showing what I presumed to be a reading of the aforementioned sensor. That was when my weary mind finally put the pieces together and realized what all the numbers and graphs were pointing to: they were all the moments where magic was being used at the school. It should have enough range to cover most of the school as you go about your day.

Seeing my lingering doubt, she clasped her hands together. This could even get me a scholarship after high school. But I really, really need your help. There was no easy way out of this, but any hope did not lay with trying to weasel out of this arrangement.

I could figure something out later, but for now I had to give Twilight what she wanted to hear. At least one of us was excited. Before she could crush all of my ribs, I tried to distract her with something to talk about.

It still reminded me of something from a cheap sci-fi film, but Twilight had already shown her aptitude for homemade electronics.

As she flicked the device on, I felt my heart tighten in my chest. She had it aimed right at me, and as sure as the sun rises in the morning, the machine began crackling and beeping in a fury of noise and lights. I thought for certain I was going to be in for a difficult explanation when Twilight suddenly applied some percussive maintenance, and continued You Get Your Kicks - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Rev Up - The Best Of Mitch Ryder & The Detro the side of it until it stopped making any noise, save for a faint, repetitive beep.

She was practically bouncing on the spot in her excitement, to the point where I was beginning to wonder how somebody could still be this energetic in the middle of the night. I could only bury my face into my palm. If she had to ask, then the answer was never going to Kimentem Egy Hegyre /Keserves/ (Ének) / I Went Up A Hill /Lament/ (Vocal) - Various - Hungarian Folk something reasonable; at least that was another thing we had in common.

But thinking about our shared irrationality made me realize that she was pursuing much of the same information that I had been. Those were probably words that Twilight rarely heard uttered without being stuffed to the brim with sarcasm. She had a look of genuine surprise about her, but soon realized my sincerity and nodded in agreement. She grabbed one of her dossiers and opened it up for me to see.

The first sheets I saw contained a number of line graphs showing measured outputs over time from the sensors she had placed around Canterlot High. I was even a little jealous; it made the small amounts of data I collected look like crayon drawings. She reached over and pulled a few sheets out to the forefront. Twilight and I went on to talk about her research for hours.

It was equal parts impressive and horrifying to see just how organized and methodical she was in her approach to discovering the nature of magic. As it stood, however, I had to do whatever I could to delay Twilight without her knowledge, at least until I knew enough about the magic in this world so I could keep Equestria safe.

Twilight Sparkle was my friend, but I had to keep feigning ignorance. Things quieted down after a while, if only because exhaustion had left me unable to really formulate any questions, so I simply read over the notes as best I could. This became all the more obvious when I realized it took me ten minutes to notice that the page I had been trying to decipher was upside-down.

I stopped abruptly when I looked over to my friend and realized that she was no longer sitting next to me.


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