Label: See For Miles Records Ltd. - MDA 2734 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Unofficial Release • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash
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Bitter Peace 2. Death's Head 3. Evil Has No Boundaries 4. Hell Awaits 5. War Ensemble 6. South Of Heaven 7. Raining Blood 8. Dittohead 9. Die By The Sword Black Magic Captor Of Sin Dead Skin Mask Seasons In The Abyss Mandatory Suicide Angel Of Death Unwanted Instict B-Side [sic] Wicked B-Side. The bootleg lists the date as December 13th, but the show is actually from the 12th. Almost all of the stage banter is in Spanish. The inclusion of "Evil has No Boundaries" and "Black Magic" isn't really anything special, as Slayer normally resurrected those songs for Prologue - Mae - The Everglow shows around ''but I find the inclusion of the older tracks makes this set much more enjoyable than some of their other post-'94 bootlegs.

Track 16 actually "Unguarded Instinct" is a bonus track from the Japanese version of the "Diabolus Beyond that, they aren't worth discussing Hell Awaits 1.

Hell Awaits 2. The Antichrist 2. The Antichrist 3. Spirits In Black 3. Spirit In Black 4. Die By The Sword 4. Die By The Sword 5. Mind Control 5.

Mind Control 6. Post Mortem 6. Postmortem 7. Raining Blood 7. Jesus Saves 8. Jesus Saves part 2 9. Captor Of Sin 9. War Ensemble South Of Heaven Angel Of Death. Some, but not all of Tom's stage banter is in Spanish. All of the instruments seem to be slightly distorted and the guitars get a little muffled at times. Turning up the volume helps which you'll probably have to do anyway, as the sound of the bootleg is relatively soft. The drums are definitely up-front in the mix, but fortunately, unlike many other bootlegs, they don't totally overpower everything else.

Aggressive Perfector 2. Aggressive Perfector 3. Captor Of Sin 3. Captor Of Sin 4. Praise Of Death 4. Praise Of Death 5. Haunting The Church 5. Haunting The Chapel 6. Final Conflict 6. Final Command 7. Crypts Of Eternity 7. Crypts Of Eternity 8. Neerophilanmac Die By The Sword - Slayer - Captors Of Sin . Necrophiliac 9. Blank Magic 9. Hardening Of The Arteries Hardening Of The Artillery Fight Till Death The Antichrist At Dawn They Sleep -- -- Show No Mercy -- No date or location information is given.

I had no reason not to believe that, but suddenly I get to the end and Araya thanks "Dynamo. However, the weird thing is, on that tour, Slayer actually played the Dynamo club twice, on May 28th, and then again on June 3.

If you look closely at the cover, you can see Jeff Hannemann holding a flyer advertising the other June 3rd show. However, the tracklisting is the same order as the setlist for the May 28th show. The songs were switched around a bit for the June show for example, "Hell Awaits" was the second to last song rather than the opener.

I'm assuming these 3 tracks were encores, since Araya's stage banter makes it sound like "Show No Mercy" is the final song. The disc itself is printed with fake songtitles and is dated On my copy, the pressing information on the inner ring of the CD has actually been scratched out from the top I assume by the bootlegger.

If you've seen an original copy that isn't scratched like this, please let me know. I'm curious if any exist. A pretty typical, excellent vintage Slayer gig. The Nare Dingen Allergie - Kinderen voor Kinderen - 30 Jaar TV Op DVD (DVD) seem to be a bit stronger in the mix than the instruments, and Araya's high screams are really great at this show.

However, since almost all of the stage banter has been edited out which is one of the best things about the old shows! This bootleg is supposedly the same show as the "Aggressive Perfector" and "Slayer Live! I don't have it, but the "Dynamo Awaits" bootleg supposedly has the 3 missing Vilaine - Odezenne - Dolziger Str.2 from the set. It may also be worth noting that this May 28th gig is the most widely bootlegged Slayer show on vinyl.

Track 11 - Normal studio version Contains mostly officially-released material! CDM G 1. Evil Has No Boundaries 2. Show No Mercy 3. Aggressive Perfector 4. Captor Of Sin 6. The Antichrist 7. Hell Awaits 8. Final Command 9.

Necrophile Die By The Sword - Slayer - Captors Of Sin Crypts Of Eternity Chemical Warfare. This particular version of "Captors of Sin" is probably the worst Slayer bootleg--this is a big disappointment if you're expecting much unreleased live material.

Tracks are straight from the "Live Undead" album with a slightly Die By The Sword - Slayer - Captors Of Sin track order and some editing.

Track 11 is the normal studio version of "Chemical Warfare. Tracks appear to be authentic live songs, but the bootleg gives no information on when or where they were recorded.


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