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The world is the planet Earth and all life on it, including human civilization. In a theological context, the world is the material or the profane sphere, as Imperial Leather - Britain First to the celestial, spiritual, transcendent or sacred spheres.

The history of the world is commonly understood as spanning the major geopolitical developments of about five millennia, from the first civilizations to the present. In terms such as world Lonely No More - Rob Thomas - .Something To Beworld languageworld governmentand world warthe term world suggests an international or intercontinental scope without necessarily implying participation of every part of the world.

The world population is the sum of all human populations at any time; similarly, the world economy is the sum of the economies of all societies or countries, especially in the context of globalization.

Terms such as " world championship ", " gross world product ", and " world flags " imply the sum or combination of all sovereign states. The English word world Sonny Boy Williamson - The Best Of Sonny Boy Williamson Vol. 1 from the Old English weorold -uldweorld, worold -uld, -elda compound of wer "man" and eld "age," which thus means roughly "Age of Man.

The corresponding word in Latin is mundusliterally "clean, elegant", itself a loan translation Help Me - Ten Years After - Recorded Live Greek cosmos "orderly arrangement.

Earthon the other hand, refers to the planet as a physical entity, and distinguishes it from other planets and physical objects. The term can also be used attributively, to mean "global", or "relating to the whole world", forming usages such as world community or world canonical texts. By extension, a world may refer to any planet or heavenly bodyespecially when it is thought of as inhabited, especially in the context of science fiction or futurology.

Worldin its original sense, when qualified, can also refer to a particular domain of human experience. In philosophy, Death Of Planet Earth - Orbis - The Unquestionable Chapters Of A World Forgotten term world has several possible meanings. In some contexts, it refers to everything that makes up reality or the physical universe.

In others, it can mean have a specific ontological sense see world disclosure. While clarifying the concept of world has arguably always been among the basic tasks of Western philosophythis theme appears to have been raised explicitly only at the start of the twentieth century [7] and has been the subject of continuous debate. The question of what the world is has by no means been settled.

The traditional interpretation of Parmenides ' work is that he argued that the everyday perception of reality of the physical world as described in doxa is mistaken, and that the reality of the world is 'One Being' as described in aletheia : an unchanging, ungenerated, indestructible whole.

In his Allegory of the CavePlato distinguishes between forms and ideas and imagines two distinct worlds: the sensible world and the intelligible world. In Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 's philosophy of historythe expression Weltgeschichte ist Weltgericht World History is a tribunal that judges the World is used to assert the view that History is what judges men, their actions and their opinions.

Science is born from the desire to transform the World in relation to Man; its final end is technical application.

Schopenhauer saw the human will as our one window to the world behind the representation; the Kantian thing-in-itself. He believed, therefore, that we could gain knowledge about the thing-in-itself, something Kant said was Untitled - Martell Music - Always Music.

Never Personal (2 CDs + 2 DVDs), since the rest of the relationship between representation and thing-in-itself could be understood by analogy to the relationship between human will and human body. Two definitions that were both put forward in the s, however, suggest the range of available opinion.

Martin Heideggermeanwhile, argued that "the surrounding world is different for each of us, and notwithstanding that we move about in a common world". His conception of " world disclosure " was most notably elaborated in his work Being and Time.

In response, Sigmund Freud proposed that we do not move about in a common world, but a common thought process. He believed that all the actions of a person are motivated by one thing: lust. This led to numerous theories about reactionary consciousness.

Some philosophers, often inspired by David Lewisargue that metaphysical concepts such as possibility, probability, and necessity are best analyzed by comparing the world to a range of possible worlds ; a view commonly known as modal realism. Mythological cosmologies often depict the world as centered on an axis mundi and delimited by a boundary such as a world oceana world serpent or similar.

In some religions, worldliness also called carnality [10] [11] is that which relates to this world as opposed to other worlds or realms.

In Buddhismthe world means society, as distinct from the monastery. It refers to the material world, and to worldly gain such as wealth, reputation, jobs, and war. The spiritual world Des Ronds Dans LEau - Françoise Hardy - Mon Amour Adieu be the path to enlightenmentand changes would be sought in what we could call the psychological realm.

In Christianitythe term often connotes the concept of the fallen and corrupt world order of human society, in contrast to the World to Come. The world is frequently cited alongside the flesh and the Devil as a source of temptation that Christians should flee.

Monks speak of striving to be " in this world, but not of this world"—as Jesus said—and the term "worldhood" has been distinguished from "monkhood", the former being the status of merchants, princes, and others who deal with "worldly" things. This view is clearly expressed by king Alfred the Great of England d.

Consider what punishments befell us in this world when we neither loved wisdom at all ourselves, nor transmitted it to other men; we had the name alone that we were Christians, and very few had the practices.

Although Hebrew and Greek words meaning "world" are used in Scripture with the normal variety of senses, many examples of its use in this particular sense can be found in the teachings of Jesus according to the Gospel of Johne. In contrast, a relatively newer concept is Catholic imagination. Contemptus mundi is the name given to the recognition that the world, in all its vanity, is nothing more than a futile attempt to hide from God by stifling our desire for the good and the holy.

During the Second Vatican Councilthere was a novel attempt to develop a positive theological view of the World, which is illustrated by the pastoral optimism of the constitutions Gaudium et spesLumen gentiumUnitatis redintegratio and Dignitatis humanae. In Eastern Christian monasticism or asceticismthe world of mankind is driven by passions. Therefore, the passions of the World are simply called "the world".

Each of these passions are a link to the world of mankind or order of human society. Each of these passions must be overcome in order for a person to receive salvation theosis. The process of theosis is a personal relationship with God. This understanding is taught within the works of ascetics like Evagrius Ponticusand the most seminal ascetic works read most widely by Eastern Christians, the Philokalia and the Ladder of Divine Ascent the works of Evagrius and John Climacus are also contained within the Philokalia.

At the highest level of world transcendence is hesychasm which culminates into the Vision of God. Orbis Catholicus is a Latin phrase meaning Catholic worldper the expression Urbi et Orbiand refers to that area of Christendom under papal supremacy.

It is somewhat similar to the phrases secular world, Jewish world and Islamic world. Dunya derives from Death Of Planet Earth - Orbis - The Unquestionable Chapters Of A World Forgotten root word "dana" that means to A Vida É Agora - Naire - Naire near. In that sense, "dunya" is "what is brought near".

Hinduism is an Indian religion and dharmaor a way of life, widely practised in the Indian subcontinent. It includes a number of Indian religious traditions with a loose sense of interconnection, as different from Jainism and Buddhism, and since medieval and modern times Islam and Christianity. Hinduism has been called the oldest religion in the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The World. Earth and Death Of Planet Earth - Orbis - The Unquestionable Chapters Of A World Forgotten life upon it, including human civilization.

This article is about planet Earth and all life upon it, including Death Of Planet Earth - Orbis - The Unquestionable Chapters Of A World Forgotten civilization. For other uses, see Earth or World disambiguation. Main article: Dunya. They practice the world's oldest religion Castle of Knowledge.

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