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Hey, did you know that Wolverine and Witchblade are married? No, really. After the jump. There are, broadly speaking, two kinds of inter-company crossover stories. The other kind just takes it as a given that these characters live in the same space and Gangsta Nation - DJ PMX - LocoHAMA CRUISING never been seen together as a matter of convenience.

Should they come away changed — perhaps even in their normal canon? Should the stories just be written off as what-ifs? And what happens when they seem to try and have it both ways, like this one? The plot: Wolverine and Witchblade have gotten married in Las Vegas after, apparently, a memory wipe.

I think. Also, one of the bad guys has a Witchblade too. Anyway, Witchblade the good one and Wolverine beat the shit out of everyone and run off together with a million bucks. The end, courtesy of Chris Claremont!

How does this narrative of love gained and lost further our understanding of Logan the berserk ronin with a heart of gold, or Sarah Pezzini the tough cop with a mystical legacy of blah Crossed Out - Defektro - Cellnation blah? Not even remotely. I know people who take perverse glee in reading bad comics, watching bad movies, and otherwise engaging in a sort of smug cultural elitism through junk culture intake.

Patrick Tobin American is likely shaming his journalism professors from the University of Glasgow by writing about comic books. He can be reached via e-mail right here. By Patrick Tobin Sep 1, Columns. Can even Garth Ennis make this spin-off showcase work? Find out after the jump. By Patrick Tobin Aug 11, Columns. Sure, it was the biggest deal ever […]. By Patrick Tobin Jul 8, Columns. Continuing my entropic decline into navel-gazing about the pointlessness of superhero events.

More rambling after the jump. Share on. Patrick Tobin Patrick Tobin American is likely shaming his journalism professors Crossed Out - Defektro - Cellnation the University of Glasgow by writing about comic books.


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