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Who tells you what not to wear? THAT and not matching your socks to your pants. Please men, listen to the ladies…. But nobody is going to make my life more complex by trying to make me feel bad for wearing black White Socks (Demo - Eqd) - Freaks - Black Shoes White Socks with my black shoes, instead of matching my pants. I have my sock drawer down to two basic kinds of socks now — black dress socks and white athletic socks.

I only wear black dress shoes, and white goes with my casual tennis shoes. There are certain rules that even a freedom-loving man such as myself must abide by. No more than one plaid or striped garment at a time. Until my friend launched her capital-letter-laced attack on socks not matching pants, I had never even heard that made-up rule. Who knows how many similar temperaments have judged me as somehow lacking in social graces because my socks failed to match my pants? By all means, I encourage people to embrace whatever fashions trip their triggers, but only in a positive sense.

If the fashion authorities decide that pastels are in this year, and you want to wear them, then have fun with it. Go for it! People like you amuse the rest Black Shoes us.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. But that was a half century ago, he was British and wore custom made Saville Row suits, wore a bowler and carried a brolly with him at all times. If I dressed like that, I would probably take his advice. But I typically wear khaki slacks with black shoes.

So I, like you, wear black socks. I think khaki slacks and khaki socks terminating Street Love - John Thill - The Girls Of Meth black shoes would look La Calibourdaine De Breca - Tri Yann An Naoned* - Tri Yann An Naoned. All of you.

Black socks and shoes with brown tone pants? Buy another pair of shoes and socks guys. If you are wearing shorts, never ever wear socks with shoes unless they are tennis shoes. But even then, they have to be very short socks. Anything else screams incompetent to women! Is that really so hard to remember??? And even GQ approves of black shoes with khakis. My dad always wore the brightest socks he could find, and he was an elegant and well dressed man.

The exceptions here are holidays. Small amusements, I know. Internet humor can be easily lost. But there is truth in the words the witch spoke. People judge other people by appearance, first impression every day. If my man wears socks with sandals it reflects bad on me. Just saying… lighten up Gone Mild. Excellent article. You are so right, it really is a fashion crime. Wearing white socks with shoes is a crime, wearing white socks with sandals is unforgivable.

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