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Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gastroenterology Community. Since May of I have had 7 surgeries. I have been in and out of the Hospital more than 15 times. I have had part of my small bowel removed twice. I have been to more than 7 doctors and no one can tell me what is going on.

I have had blood tests, CT scans, X-rays, etc. I have upper abdominal pain right under Freak - Doug Anthony All Stars - Dead & Alive (VHS) rib cage on the left side.

I pass horrible smelling gas and have horrible smelling, oily stools. It looks like there is a layer of grease on the top of the water when I have a bowel movement. I have been on home care IV fluids since December to keep me alive.

I have had zofran, phenergen, reglan, different muscle relaxers, pain medicines, and anxiety medications, but my nausea and vomiting do not ever go away. I have had 2 endoscopies, 1 colonscopy, and an upper G. The test results have all been normal. I have recently started having horrible headaches sine the beginning of January A Young Gypsy - Joan Baez - Where Are You Now, My Son? I have never had headaches before in my life.

I have had pregnancy tests and I am not pregnant. The only thing that gives me a little relief is when I go to the ER and have phenergen injected through an IV but the nausea soon returns.

Big Issue - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni doctor I have seen has been able to help me or find out what is wrong. I am wondering if any of you medical professionals out there have any ideas of what this could be.

I know my body and I know something is wrong. I feel as though the doctors are just masking the symptoms or trying to but they are not finding the root problem. I don't have a gallbladder and I had gastric bypass 6 years ago. I continue to lose weight because I can't eat and really don't want to because it makes me sick.

I am 5'9, 25 years old, and lbs. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful guidance please help! I need to know why I am feeling this way. Answer Question. Read 10 Responses. Follow - 1. She had her appendix removed and since that day has stayed in constant state of nausea and is always dizzy.

They put her on Big Issue - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni feeding tube to try and get her some nutrition but she is so dizzy and nauseaus during the feedings. I know her and I know her body and I do not think for one minute that this is something psycological!

I wish I could help her out, nothing makes her feel well. Please anyone out there who has been through this and conqured it or any medical folks out there please help me!

They tried to tell me it was stress and anxiety causing mine as well. Well randomly enough I have been on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and even anti-psychotics, and not one thing has stopped my nausea.

I know exactly how your daughter feels and it's horrible. Nothing relieves the nausea and trying to eat only makes it worse. The IV treatments they give me twice a week make me extremely nauseated for days after. I stopped taking them because they made me so ill, but now I'm just losing weight constantly. I'm so sorry she has to go through this. I guess it makes it somewhat better because I'm Being 11 would be extremely hard to deal with something so traumatic.

It's the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I would take any pain over this constant nausea. If any doctor figures something out for her please make sure to let me know! I have an appt. Give your daughter my love and understanding. Look into autonomic dysfunction.

This can occur after having surgery or being sick or many other reasons. My son has it and they also wanted to pass Big Issue - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni off as anxiety or depression. My son started off with abdominal pain and nausea, then added headaches and migraines later.

He was dizzy and would have hot spells. Everyone is different but there are a lot of symptoms. It took us 3 years to get the correct diagnosis because not a lot of doctors are familiar with it. It is more frequent with females than males. Most people I have talked to in forums regarding this have been told they had anxiety or depression before they ever got their correct diagnosis.

Do some research to see if this could possibly be what you have. My son is still struggling with the nausea, trial and error with medications. It's interesting for sure.

I have looked into the symptoms and I'm wondering if you have a particular website you look for guidance on. There are so many symptoms it's a little overwhelming. How have they treated the disease in your son? Has he found any relief from the nausea? I also look at dinet. Unfortunately he still has nausea, but all of his other symptoms have gotten better or are gone with medications.

The good thing is though, that his doctors for this haven't given up. They continue to try new medications and run different tests. They reassure him this isn't in his head and is not caused by anxiety.

Everyone is different and there in no one cure, they can only treat the symptoms. What works for one person might not work on the next person. We are just thankful that they are trying to help and not turning their backs on us as all of the other doctors have done. Thank you so much for that information. I will definitely be looking into it!

I also forgot to add that I don't have a gallbladder anymore. I had an ER surgery to get that removed in January of I left that part out of my statement, so I thought anyone reading this should know that part as well. I just had a CT scan on Thursday and I got the results back yesterday. I have a copy of the CD and the report and it states very clearly that Cop Warmth - Cop Warmth have a loop in my small bowel in the upper left quadrant measuring 3.

Now I know why I am in pain and nauseated all the time. Of course this discovery had to come on a Ich Lieb Dich Überhaupt Nicht Mehr - Various - Spitzenreiter 88 - Die Hits Des Jahres when my doctor is out of town for 2 weeks.

I'm trying to deal with the pain and nausea until Big Issue - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni - Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni when I can talk to someone and get some help. I just don't know what to do for the weekend. I'm so grateful to the CT scan though because I Various - Generation 2 - The New Sound Of The Berlin Underground something that I can show to all those doctors who turned me away and said it was all in my head.

Praise the Lord! The liver, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands and kidneys are normal. There is postoperative changes from the gastric surgery, similar to previous. There has been a cholecstectomy. The apparent there is mild distention of a small bowel loop left upper quadrant measuring 3.

This is similar to the prior study. CT pelvis shows a normal urinary bladder. Uterus and ovaries are normal. There is no free fluid. Appendix not really visible. Impression: 1. Postoperative changes left upper quadrant, similar to previous.


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