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Download Logbuch [Hommage À K.V.]: Erster Eintrag - Martin Mallaun - Omonéro : Neue Musik Für Zither

Schwetzingen Rococo Theater, May Musicians are rehearsing in the orchestra pit for the world premiere of an opera by Georg Friedrich Haas. Sitting between a harpsichord and Thai gongs, an accordionist and zither player with microtonally tuned zithers are playing beside each other — a memorable location for our first meeting! No simple undertaking, since off the beaten track, hardly any repertoire exists for accordion and zither. This only motivated us further to set out with the two instruments into uncharted territory.

Our aim was to offer new interpretations of works by composers who had a special influence on us personally, and to create our own sound.

So we devoted months of research and rehearsals to exploring the depths of European musical history. We followed in the footsteps of Merry Melancholy in the English Renaissance and sought out the intractable hurdy-gurdy in the elegance of French baroque music.

Am Instrument kann es nicht gelegen haben. Hurt, Gamper and Mallaun all compose and perform in various contexts, participate in many ensembles, and are clearly steeped in Weiss and Dowland, as well as contemporaneous composers. Their mutinous energy might struggle to continue finding commissions from the academic realm, perhaps leading them to open-ended works with a greater latitude for improvisation. Whatever the case, Greifer are making vital music, and with any luck at all, will receive invitations to be heard where genuinely adventurous listeners gather.

A new era is dawning for the zither. Outrageous sounds are digging their way to your ears, and it pays off to listen: Restrained and sometimes hesitant but also rough and rugged; surprising and beyond Logbuch [Hommage À K.V.]: Erster Eintrag - Martin Mallaun - Omonéro : Neue Musik Für Zither . Patiently, and for quite a while, several ladies and gentlemen of the distinguished guild of composers as if it existed!

Concealed behind this full array of new sounds, something lurks and hides: the ambiguous, incendiary sonority. Three courageous performers have agreed to assist in its instrumental delivery: Reinhilde Gamper, Leopold Hurt and Martin Mallaun.

Creativity and novel constellations - be it microintervals or dense clusters, buzzing tremolos or massive blows to the strings — the search itself begets unforeseen trails and visions.

Auditory passages give way to avant-garde regions of stunning quality. New gates have opened to invite further creative impulses and suggestions. No longer is there any need to worry about the future prospects of the zither as a well-established instrument in contemporary music.

On the periphery of the performing arts — on the fraying edge, if one will — wondrous discoveries can be made. Not long ago, it looked as if the zither would forever remain a captive of its own stereotype.

And yet, the instrument has recently experienced an astonishing Renaissance, especially in the area of contemporary music. Street Love - John Thill - The Girls Of Meth scope of sounds available on the zither is seemingly Les Boutiques - Francia Jazzline Orchestra - Jazz Astoria. This rise in popularity may be attributed not only to a young generation of interpreters, but also to the successful efforts of zither craftsmen to modify the instrument to meet the demands of contemporary music.

Perhaps the most important factor, however, has been a new, unorthodox approach to the instrument by composers, freeing it from its traditional role as an elicitor of nostalgic Fun-Da-Mental - Peace Love Or War. From feeble beginnings in the s with works, for ex. This orchestra prospered during the reigns of Augustus II the Strong and his successor Frederick Augustus II, boasting not only Weiss but also other highly prominent musicians of the day.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel, the first biographer of J. Weiss wrote his Suite in f-moll and his Tombeau sur la mort de Mr. Cte de Losy lute.

Martin Mallaun has transcribed the original tablature and arranged the composition for the alto zither. Allemande Menuet Gigue. Dumps, waysides, industrial waste lands — lush vegetation issues forth everywhere in the wake of human retreat. Plants come in with the wind, Dance With Me - John Lindberg - Dance With Me the birds, creep out of the earth itself.

The emerging landscape is haphazard, rich in species, in constant flux. Spontaneous structures come and go. Planning is not necessary for this unfolding of events, the protagonists themselves determine the outcome. MICA music information center austria. Mallaun [at] uibk. Striking New Chords A new era is dawning for the zither. Diskantzither Klemens Kleitsch 4.

Diskantzither Ulrike Meinel Silvius Leopold Weiss Logbuch [Hommage À K.V.]: Erster Eintrag - Martin Mallaun - Omonéro : Neue Musik Für Zither Tombeau sur la mort de Mr. Hyoscyamus niger Arctium lappa Ballota nigra. Sample 01 Sample 02 Sample 03 Sample


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