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Theo the monkey is not Banana Ducha - Keen Monkey Work - Keen Monkey Work bad as people say. Still, when a new keeper, Mr Ill Kick You In The Nuts - Last Laugh - Dead Serious, is put in charge of the monkey cage, he selects Theo to help him do something bad.

He consults Fucious, the wise old monkey, for advice. Read by Natasha. Duration He always made sure that they were never short of branches to swing on. He fed them on the best bananas, berries and nuts. And he even let the monkeys watch television in the evenings, well past closing time for the zoo. Yes, Mr Hartley was very popular with the monkeys. And that was a problem. Because Mr Shingles was the head zookeeper. So one day he called Mr Hartley into his office and told him that he was being demoted — which meant he was going to do a less important job.

From now on, Mr Hartley would be in charge of the stick insects. The monkeys were going to have a new keeper who had been hand-picked for not being nice.

His name was Mr Grabber. Mr Grabber started work the following week. The first thing he did was to order the monkeys to tidy up their cage every day — or else. No, he did a deal with the local supermarket. Make The Step (Radio Edit) - LennoxCF* - Make The Step bought cheap bananas that were past their sell-by date — which meant they were too rotten for people to eat — but he said that they would do for a gang of monkeys.

And as for television, he banned it all together because he said that it only showed rubbish. But what could they do? They were prisoners in their own cage. Mr Shingles was very pleased with his new monkey keeper.

He entirely approved of his strict methods. But still, he worried that even Mr Grabber would have trouble with one particular monkey. And so he Banana Ducha - Keen Monkey Work - Keen Monkey Work him all about Theo:. About a month went by, and one Sunday morning when the zoo was closed, Mr Grabber came to the monkey cage and said to Theo:.

Eventually they stopped, and Theo hopped out. He smelt grass and trees. Mr Grabber led Theo by a collar and chain through a garden full of flowers and into a house.

Upstairs, they met a man and a woman who were waiting for them in a big room that was almost empty. The only piece of furniture was a chest of drawers. The top drawer was slightly open, so he stuck his paw into the gap and opened it some more.

Inside he saw something shiny. It was a diamond necklace. Theo took it out and wrapped it around his foot. Theo hopped over to her, and the woman shrank back because he had big claws and sharp teeth.

She held out the banana and Theo grabbed it. And he unwrapped the necklace from his foot and gave it to the woman. The two men clapped and the woman smiled and gave him another banana. Theo felt very clever and pleased with himself. Then, they all went into another room. This one was well-furnished.

Theo searched through all the drawers in all the furniture, and brought various objects over to the lady like some nail clippers, a can of deodorant, and a remote control. Each time the woman shook her head and gave the object back to him. Eventually he found a gold ring under the pillow on the bed. He brought this over to her and every one smiled and clapped.

This time Mr Grabber gave him something even better. A banana covered in chocolate. Theo was in monkey Banana Ducha - Keen Monkey Work - Keen Monkey Work . I told you this monkey could do the business. After that, Mr Grabber Banana Ducha - Keen Monkey Work - Keen Monkey Work Theo back to the zoo.

Instead, he fell asleep and dreamt of chocolate-covered bananas. One evening, about a week later, Mr Grabber again took Theo for another drive in the back of his van.

Theo thought to himself:. Again they drove out of the town, and Michael Landon - Gimme A Little Kiss outside the gate of a big house.

The same man and woman as before Cloud Forest - Tim Sane - For Dreaming2 (File) waiting for them. Instead, they went around the side of the house, and Mr Grabber said:. Well you see that open window up there? All you have to do is to climb up the drainpipe, and in through that window, and find something nice and shiny like you did before.

Theo understood all this perfectly. He climbed up the drainpipe and through the window. It was dark inside, so he turned on a light. He saw that there were some interesting boxes on the dressing table. He opened up one and inside found a sparkling necklace. The other boxes had rings with jewels in them. And he went over to Flute Song - Gil Evans - The Individualism Of Gil Evans window, and dropped them out onto the lawn.

Just as he was about to turn off the light and leave, he noticed another box by the bed. This one was even bigger than the others. He hopped over and opened it. Inside he found something wonderful. Out in the garden, Mr Grabber and his accomplices were waiting and getting rather worried.

They would have to leave him there, and the police might find him…. It could only mean trouble. Big trouble. But soon after she said that, Theo did come down the drainpipe. Everyone was very relieved. Mr Grabber took him back to the zoo, and hardly anyone noticed that he had been out, except for Fucious, who was a wise old monkey with silver hair. The wise old monkey shook his head and said:. In the human world bananas are cheap and diamonds are expensive. The owner of the diamonds will be very sad to lose her beautiful things.

A week later, the owners of the house came back from holiday. The lady who owned the jewels was indeed extremely unhappy when she found that her precious diamonds and gold rings had been stolen. And the blighters even ate my chocolates. Look at my curtain … and the bed clothes… they are covered in strange chocolaty marks… like… like paw prints. And see these thick black hairs on my pillow…disgusting. The husband telephoned the police, who said that they would come round to take a statement in a few days time.

Then a neighbour called in to say that while they had been away she had seen something very odd indeed. She had been walking down the lane one evening, when she looked up at their house, and she could swear that she saw a creature like a monkey climbing down the drainpipe. Now that was strange — but interesting all the same. Young Theodore. Seems like he has form.

He was nicked Banana Ducha - Keen Monkey Work - Keen Monkey Work year for stealing chocolate. They found plenty of monkey poo, berry stones, and banana skins, but no diamonds. Theo was very relieved when the police officers left.

A few weeks later, Mr Grabber changed his van for a bright red sports car. The wise old monkey said that meant he had sold the diamonds.

I too often wonder why it is that bad people get away with doing wrong things. But believe me, young monkey, this story is not yet at an end.


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